Xining publishing ambition

Recently, the "Xining Municipal People’s Congress · Zhi" published. The book is composed of four chapters: chapter, chapter, section and goal, and the text is divided into four chapters with a total of seven hundred thousand words, including twenty chapters. The detailed description of the development process of the people’s congresses of all ethnic groups in Xining from 1949 to 2011 and the development process after the establishment of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress, is a true portrayal of the history of the people of all ethnic groups in Xining.It is reported that

"Xining" ambition, is a major event of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress system and the process of development in the political life of the people, but also a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the National People’s Congress system, the practical significance to further promote the people’s Congress system has important and historical significance.

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