Qinghai the United States and the sharing of the night tourism promotion held in Kunming

The evening of November 13th, sponsored by the provincial government of the "beauty of Qinghai · sharing night tourism promotion will be held in Kunming, will promote Qinghai to display the rich tourism resources and tourism products, for all enterprises to understand the Qinghai to build a communication platform.

in order to reflect the Qinghai Province as an important Silk Road Economic Belt on the unique local characteristics and ethnic customs, the Qinghai International Travel Fair booth area of 200 square meters, the exhibition includes 20 showcase, 2 reception area and the 4 area to discuss cooperation and exchanges. Holy hada, mellow barley wine, eye-catching Liu Wan painted pottery, 79 images with the characteristics of Qinghai scenic and cultural images, exquisite Thangka, exquisite pottery and the huge LED screen will be "big beautiful Qinghai local customs and practices" of the combination, multi angle showing in the world. Whether it is the scale of the booth, or the number of exhibitors, the exhibition content, are more than the previous brigade intersection.  

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