Xining 30% vegetables from Datong

in recent years, Datong county closely around the municipal government established the modern agriculture demonstration base "built into Datong City and the province and ensure supply, provide leisure" development goals, optimize industrial structure, enhance the comprehensive benefits of planting, go hand in hand, Xining city has become an important production base of the basket.

Datong County continues to accelerate the process of modern agricultural development, and gradually formed the Beichuan River along the fine vegetable agriculture, Dong Xia River open-air vegetable production, big Ning Railway West of vegetable production, vegetable planting area of Jingyang belt, mountainous region mushroom cultivation zone "three lines with vegetable industry development pattern. Up to now, the county has built 17 demonstration park of agricultural facilities, vegetable cultivation area of up to 120 thousand acres, an annual output of vegetables of 300 thousand tons. Datong vegetable market in Xining, the supply rate increased from 16% in 2009 to this year’s $30%. At the same time, increase the size of farm construction, the scale of farming and breeding individual combination model, promote the construction industry to take dairy cattle industry treasure 8 towns dominated zone, birch and other 6 towns mainly breeding sheep industry, with 7 main Jingyang Township Lean products the pig industry, in the town center, vigorously develop the egg industry in Huang Jia Zhai and Changning Township, built all kinds of large-scale breeding base 71, the annual output of 3.24 tons of meat, milk 43 thousand and 700 tons, 2 thousand and 300 tons of poultry. Meat, eggs, milk market share in Xining reached 28%, respectively, 33%, 11%. (author: Zhao Yongqin Man Zhongliang)

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