Datong county Party committee to lead young people to grasp the service to build new service

Datong County adhere to the "party building, party common development" principle, guide the majority of members of the Youth League organizations and Party building services pioneer service center, for example, when the youth service model, service development with youth, give full play to the Communist Youth League, the role of force commandos, to create a good image of the Communist Youth League "the new period to tackle tough, dare to innovation, vitality and upwards".

services highlight the new". To carry out innovative grassroots organizations and consolidating the foundation work, the real political skills, down-to-earth style, good at doing youth work of outstanding young Party member selection to township league team, the team to optimize the structure of township League age and gender, culture, industry etc.. Grassroots organizations in the team under the age of 30 in 124 people, accounting for 58.9% of the total, more than 103 people, undergraduate education accounted for 48.6% of the total, young rich leaders 18 people, accounting for 8.8% of the total, party leaders served as secretary of the Communist Youth League accounted for 75%; innovation and promotion of non-public economic organizations to build the job, completed a total of 35 non-public economic organizations the League branch and 2 foreign youth workers League branch, and the first of the non-public economic organizations organizations responsible for the training, the county’s non-public economic organizations to build the rate increased from 21% to 83%; the innovation and development of the "youth civilization" to create activities, organizing and guiding the youth to the full implementation of the "youth civilization credit Convention". To vigorously promote the dedication, honesty, impartiality, serving the people, contributing to society as the main content of the occupation morals, to further stimulate the youth the truth, Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Guide the "youth civilization" collective in the promotion of service, optimize the environment, the development of economic ideas clear, strengthen measures to build new power. Over the past three years, the county has a total of 17 grassroots units to get the provincial "red flag" mission organization, "youth civilization" title 54.

service youth highlights". Thought, work, study and life according to the current situation of the teenagers, and carry out the ideological and moral construction, through the development of the motherland and I endeavour "and" national spirit from generation to generation "," love left-behind children "and" the theory of knowledge by emotion ", striving to pioneer youth theme activities, and constantly enhance the members of the political awareness and sense of organization and model consciousness; vigorous development of Youth Theme educational activities, with the" Five – Four "," six – a "major node, continue to strengthen the youth patriotism education, moral education of citizens and members of the advanced education, has organized a eighteen year old adult ceremony, teenagers’ reading performance," 54 "enter the camp spirit in campus, youth painting contest, mother river protection experience activities, high school students, the summer youth debate forum, Party (Group) boutique Class into the campus and other theme activities, sing the love of the party, patriotism, love socialism, building a harmonious society, the main theme, the level of the political awareness and ideological and moral level of youth. Since 2010, a total of three rural activities for the 12 time, for the youth cultural construction projects of the 4, the implementation of the project funds of $180 thousand, a total of more than 10 people (Times) to participate in rural youth culture;

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