Micro friends of waves in Qinghai Lake in Haibei grassland

From the point of view of the spectacular stunning Qinghai Lake scenic Jiro sword, via the birds gallop in the sky, "the Lake Race" into a dream like Haibei grassland, enjoying the seaside city of Tibet warm embrace. The fourth stage is this lake race has the best scenery of the lake stage, the scenery all the way through the live broadcast, various users still intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves.

Lake Race administrative micro-blog: "like nature itself scene, does not require the modification of PS, all you need is to feel. A place full of aura – Gangcha, blue sky and white clouds, the most important thing is the enthusiasm of everyone."

reporter: "on a provincial plateau weather makes a taste of the four seasons we have snow, rain, blue sky, white clouds, a beautiful Tibetan girl, more spectacular rape flowers here, really want to take a tent not going back."

friends mill race bike: life in a hurry, do not be tired of the life of the lock, forget the hustle and bustle, to the Qinghai Lake, rippling in the flowers, the nature of the magnificent feeling it. Qinghai Lake is one of my most beautiful lakes."


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