All the people in the city have a burden

is determined to win, the potential in the win, full mobilization, full battle, everyone has a burden on the head of a task"…… February 28th, the city in the city issued a mobilization of the city hit the first time, for the creation of the work of the weak links and problems highlighted, make specific arrangements.

it is understood that this year the city area to create a National Civilized City Leading Group Office of the main road, to create a working community, Beijiexiaoxiang, shopping malls, markets, window units, construction sites, public facilities and other key parts, one by one by one, from door to door, detailed investigation, first-hand information, find out the existing the problem, clear tasks, establish a city based. The establishment of infrastructure and environmental health, questionnaire survey, comprehensive community, five places, business market, random points and other professional working group at the same time, to achieve full mobilization, full battle, everyone who has a burden, a task on the head. And continue to implement the grid management model, requiring the county cadres division of film, helping cadres to guide the community, deepen the work of creating the city.

addition, in a city, city district will strictly implement the supervision and incentive measures to strengthen the responsibility of leadership, the number one priority this year welcomesexamines sprint work, set up the supervision and inspection group to establish a city, inspection, summary, appraisal, quarter month week summary of the reward system, the use of a variety of forms to carry out supervision and inspection, to ensure that a city the work carried out, to a crucial victory in the battle to promote successfully achieved the overall goal of creating. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Yongzhi)


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