October onwards the city of Xining City District 12 new communities officially run

from the office waiting for the masses to work, go to the street to the home, take the initiative to deal with the daily affairs of the masses, to provide quality management and services, the establishment of a new community, so that people enjoy more benefits. After more than half a month of preparation, integration, in September 29th, 12 new communities in the east of Xining city was founded. October, the 12 new communities will be officially run for the residents of the area to provide fast and convenient one-stop service.

the same day, Xining East District Muslim Lane community, a simple opening ceremony, dozens of Party members and representatives of the masses visited the newly established Muslim Lane new community. Bright and clear the community public service center, community work center, are equipped with comprehensive services and intermediary service window window. This changed the usual classification work service mode, saves people’s work time, work staff with comprehensive quality, the form will be "AB" system of job rotation, uninterrupted like "GPS" to provide services for the masses. The new community also launched the acceptance and background classification processing mode, the area is divided into several grids, each grid is arranged to a two member of the grid, provide services and help for the residents to carry out Mopai, investigation, preliminary input, provide detailed information for the residents accepted.

in September 10th this year, East District held city community service system reform pilot work of the general assembly, decided to withdraw the 7 offices of the original, integration, the establishment of 12 new community, East District of city service opens a new pattern. In addition to the "one-stop" services, the East will also establish eight community members or ten members of the system, namely community party liaison, public information officer, service agent, pension attendants, psychological consultants, judicial mediators, sports activities, tutor instructors, instructors, employment, grid management staff assistants and other housework events, with professional occupation service, let area residents enjoy the benefits of the new community.


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