May 1 morning a city hit a win win benefits

August 26th morning, the reporters came to our city stretches 3 miles east of the May morning, as if into the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan painting "Qingming Festival", is beside the Beichuan River off the reel in the ear, the eyes are mingled with the cries of the streams of people busily coming and going market prosperous scenery…… Is a city, so that the original small market stalls quickly grow into a large market norms civilization, the benefit of the general public as a livelihood market.
The reporter asked

to do business in the morning is what? LINJIAYA Street Office of a person in charge of breaking a finger said: nearly 200 sell beef and mutton is more dangerous rock Street transformation, and some laid-off workers; selling fruits are mainly unemployed masses East District; vegetables are living in the east area of the floating population; where the department store sells people are still homegrown farmers…… The size of the market stalls, facade 745, small stalls (facade) a day of net income of about 200-280 yuan, a large booth (facade) a day of net income of about $400. Market has become the main position to promote the employment of the population.

The citizens of

far away to stabilize the price of good


reporter in the market interviewed more than and 10 people to buy food, let reporters surprise, many people (especially the old man, the old lady, a housewife) is from rhyme ieguchi, South District, Bridge Street, Nanshan Road, a special trip to buy vegetables. The reporter asked why they go to buy food here? Bayi Road, who lives in Li Yonglong, said the old man: affordable ah, cheap ah, the whole cargo ah, things and fresh." Liu, who lives in the South Road, said: "I have a lot of food at home than here more than doubled, to buy food here, cost-effective!" It is understood that the market was established two years, playing an important role in our city to stabilize prices, a lot of food is too expensive "people in love" has been on the detour". Right now, the market average daily traffic of seventy thousand or eighty thousand people, the weekend reached about 100 thousand people during the Spring Festival, the flow of about 150 thousand people.

create a strict system of the city, the offender to write checks or appearances


Office of the responsible person told the reporter, in order to improve the market environment, the office of investment in 2011 780 thousand yuan Ching River garbage, hardening of the road, and reached the market health, river health unified by the market for "agreement with the parties concerned to solve the health problem of the" two skins ". On this basis, the implementation of health "TanQian three pack", selling fake and shoddy products, clear appearance of customer or self-employed Quejinshaoliang mouth coarse language to write checks until the Qing appearance system, as of now, the market has clearly played more than and 20 steals and sells sold Huang fish (market fair, dogskin plaster Quejinduanliang business households, scale) a city effect is obvious. Next, the office plans to set up the LED screen in the market, praised the law-abiding civilized business households, exposure fake goods, Quejinduanliang, on customer swearing, poor health and other uncivilized behavior.

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