The Essex Resort earns top honors from Wine Spectator and Fodor’s Travel

first_imgButler s Restaurant at The Essex Resort & Spa has earned distinction from two of the world s most prestigious organizations.  Wine Spectator presented Butler s with a 2009 Best of Award of Excellence, and Fodor s Travel, the foremost name in travel publishing, recognized Butler s as a 2009 Fodor s Choice selection.2009 Wine Spectator Best of Award of ExcellenceLong an Award of Excellence recipient from Wine Spectator, Butler s in 2009 was honored to receive the added distinction of the Best of Award of Excellence for its outstanding wine selection. Butler s is one of only 650 restaurants in the United States and the only one in northern Vermont to receive the award.The award honors recipients for, according to Wine Spectator, having wine lists that exhibit either vintage depth or superior breadth across select regions.The wine list at Butler’s includes incredible depth with over 600 selections of wines from 12 different countries.  Specialties include California Cabernet Sauvignon, Oregon Pinot Noirs, French Burgundy, and selections from the Rhone, southern France, and Italy.2009 Fodor s Choice AwardButler s Restaurant has also been recognized by Fodor s Travel, the foremost name in travel publishing, as a 2009 Fodor s Choice selection. According to Fodor s, This distinction represents a remarkable achievement and recognizes Butler s as a leader in its field for service, quality, and value in the 2009 year.Since 1988, Fodor s Travel has been awarding the Fodor s Choice distinction to only the very best hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world. Every year, Fodor s writers experience, examine, and evaluate thousands of hotels, restaurants and attractions in their travels across the globe. While every business included in a Fodor s guide is deemed worth a traveler s time, only fifteen percent of those selections are awarded the very highest Fodor s Choice designation by Fodor s editors.For information and reservations, dial 1.800.727.4295 or visit: is external)About The Essex Resort& Spa (formerly The Inn at Essex )Nestled on 18 acres between the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, The Essex Resort & Spa is a 120-room resort and spa featuring world-class cuisine in Butler s, our formal dining room, as well as the Tavern. We also provide cooking classes, tennis, golf, hot air ballooning, and are Vermont s only Orvis°-endorsed fly fishing lodge.last_img read more

Mexican Cartels Become a Global Threat

first_img Through Plan Colombia, a partnership with the U.S., the government equipped and trained security forces. The tax system was reformed, drawing from the most affluent to finance national security. Government accountability was reformed by making annual military spending reports publicly available, allowing a civilian Ministry of Defense to have oversight of the Armed Forces and increasing the number of qualified government personnel. Source: The Polson Institute for Global Development Threat to public safety Violence is the trademark of the Mexican cartels’ operating model. Within Mexico, cartel violence includes beheadings, mass killings and murders of government authorities, among other terror-inducing tactics. This unprecedented violence along with the cartels’ attempts to bribe public officials makes the threat of the cartels’ operations a great danger to citizens. Mexican cartels are exporting their brazen tactics to the new territories where they are operating. For example, the murder rates of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras combined are roughly double the murder rates of Mexico, according to a 2010 Woodrow Wilson center report. In 2010, Central America became witness to a new level of violence that includes a series of beheadings credited to the Mexican cartels in Guatemala as well as 35 bodies found in plastic bags over a six-month span in El Salvador. Compounding this menace, the cartels’ association with local criminals in Central America increases the threat to public safety. The 2009 assassination of Honduran Director of Counternarcotics Operations, Gen. Julián Arístides Gonzáles, has been attributed by authorities to Mexican cartel orders carried out by a Honduran drug trafficker. Regional Maritime Interdiction Assistance provides training, equipment and security. Border Inspection program supports contraband detection. Transnational Anti-Gang Program combats gangs. Regional Firearms Advisor Program focuses on reducing firearms trafficking. ILEA Regional Training Program provides training of law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. Source: U.S. Department of State Cartels entrenched in Central America Mexican cartels have established operations within the Northern Triangle of Central America, which includes Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. This area provides refuge from the Mexican government’s counter-narcotics efforts and is home to desperately poor farmers who benefit from growing illegal crops. The Mexican cartels use these remote areas in the region to maintain and expand their illicit activities. Former Miami Herald Latin America correspondent Steven Dudley, now co-director of InSight, a Washington- and Bogotá-based project that monitors organized crime in Latin America, told Diálogo that Guatemala and Honduras are the main countries affected. Dudley explained the increased use of both countries by drug traffickers is due to their location along drug smuggling routes from Colombia to the U.S. He also explained that the concentrated effort of Mexican law enforcement within the country’s borders has led rivaling cartels to seek territory in neighboring countries. The DEA’s Sanders told Diálogo that Mexican cartels are rooted in Central America, and a DEA spokesman added that the cartels “have gone into some of these places and set up command and control structures. They are actually taking receipt of the drugs in those countries, and then being responsible for further transportation up through Mexico.” Central America is proving to be fertile ground for illicit business. The U.S. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars estimates that 250 tons of cocaine was trafficked through Guatemala in 2009 and about 200 metric tons of cocaine went through Honduras the same year. Although Central America has long been recognized as a drug corridor, now the Mexican cartels have become more established there. After his capture by the Mexican Federal Police in August 2010, cartel kingpin Edgar Valdez Villarreal, aka “La Barbie,” spoke of his “offices” in Panama, “investments” in Colombia, and his “business” of transporting cocaine from Panama to Mexico. Valdez bragged about his established contacts and transportation routes throughout Central America. The DEA spokesman, during an interview with Diálogo, said that Mexican cartels “actually have members working for the organization in these spots that are responsible for receiving, stockpiling, protecting and then further shipping the drugs out of Central America and into Mexico.” Stockpiles of supplies provide additional evidence of the cartels in the area. A military operation in 2009 discovered a Mexican cartel training camp within Guatemalan territory. In the cache were 500 grenades and thousands of bullets, Guatemalan authorities said. Another arsenal discovered near Guatemala City contained 3,800 bullets and 560 grenades, according to USA Today. A key factor in facilitating drug imports and distribution is the presence of established local drug trafficking groups. As the Mexican cartels expand their business model and territory, they are also reevaluating partnerships with their Colombian counterparts and forging new affiliations with criminal and terrorist networks in the area, analyst Steven Dudley explained. The cartels use these associates to sell or transport drugs for them or to carry out violent acts on their behalf. Most prominent are the associations that Mexican cartels have within Central America. Moreover, Dudley spoke of the potential for the Mexican cartels to use gangs for their benefit. Local gangs’ “main role is maybe some protection services for depots or for some as hit men or what they call ‘sicarios’ or as enforcers to extort money or things of that sort,” Dudley explained. The DEA spokesman said the gangs’ involvement is more likely at the “retail” level of selling drugs for the cartels rather than a partnership. West Africa and Europe South America also provides access to Europe and West Africa for cartels trying to evade U.S. surveillance of the Caribbean and U.S.–Mexico border. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2009 report states that corruption and a lack of stabil- ity in West Africa make it an ideal hub for trans-shipment to Europe, where drugs fetch two times the U.S. price. The U.N.’s International Narcotics Control Board, or INCB, has found that Mexican trafficking organizations have been involved in traffick- ing to most African and Middle Eastern countries. With greater proximity to a lucrative target market in Europe, where demand is rising, the cartels have begun to establish a footprint. Eduardo Buscaglia, scholar at Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology in Mexico City, ascribes the focus on Europe to the value of the euro and the emerging governance in states newly incorporated into the European Union, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal. The Mexican cartels are finding worldwide allies for their operations. The INCB reports Mexican cartels are recruiting Central American and Caribbean gang members to sell and distribute drugs in Europe, primarily Spain. In Italy, Mexican cartels have set up connections with crime families as was detected in the 2008 multinational law enforcement operation Project Reckoning, which targeted Mexican cartel operations with Italian counterparts. The operation resulted in the arrest of 507 individuals and the seizure of approximately $60 million, the DEA reported. In May 2010, the British newspaper The Observer reported that Mexican cartels were meeting with Liverpool gangsters about cocaine shipments departing from Venezuela’s ports destined for England. Even drug seizures as far as Australia and Japan have been connected to Mexican cartels’ operations, according to the U.N. As cartel connections grow, so too has the threat of violence. Colombia’s Success Factors Sustainability is vital in antidrug efforts. Colombia ensured its Armed Forces were steadfast in their pursuit of antidrug efforts by procuring the needed equipment and training, securing continued funding and earning public support through transparency. Mexican drug cartels are expanding their operations in the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Africa. As these violent cartels begin to secure their own drug sources and form alliances with foreign criminal groups in addition to trafficking, they are bringing crime to new areas and threatening public safety. Mexican cartels have facilitated the flow of drugs from Colombian cartels to consumers in the U.S. for decades, but in recent years, they have modified their business practices to include drug operations oversight as well. Meetings between Mexican and Colombian cartels in the early ’90s led to the Colombian cartels’ collective decision to leave the majority of drug trafficking to the Mexican cartels, according to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. The Colombian cartels made this strategic decision due to the intense pressure from successful Colombian and U.S. military interdiction operations, which apprehended many Colombian cartel kingpins and intercepted numerous drug movements in the region. By focusing on drug production, the Colombians could avoid capture and retain their profits. Jay Bergman, Andean regional director of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, explained in a 2009 interview with the website that the Mexican cartels have “filled the vacuum” left by the Colombians and assumed cocaine distribution in the region. DEA Section Chief for Mexico and Central America Michael Sanders discussed this development in an interview with Diálogo. “The Mexican cartels are operating throughout Central America — from Guatemala all the way through Panama.” Most recently, the Mexican cartels have used the momentum gained in Central America to broaden their global presence. To gain control over operations, Mexican cartels have begun to place operatives throughout the Americas targeting vulnerable regions where the rule of law is weak. Sources: Stratfor, Rand Corporation, The Associated Press, Jane’s Information Group Partnerships against the threat Mexico’s own woeful experience is a prime example of the spread of drug violence, and Central America is not far behind. Mexico’s government continues to fight against the cartels within its borders and is partnering with other nations. A 2009 Mexico-Colombia agreement will result in the training of more than 11,000 Mexican Federal Police agents by the Colombian National Police in operations targeting kidnapping and narcotics trafficking. Similarly, the multi-year Mérida Initiative is a partnership with the United States that provides training, technical advice and funding to partner nations such as Mexico in combating transnational criminal organizations. Regionally, the Central American Regional Security Initiative, or CARSI, was created in 2010 to strengthen and integrate security in Central America. CARSI initiatives are supported by the U.S. government, the Organization of American States, the Central American Integration System and Interpol. The present regional issues brought on by the Mexican cartels’ operations are quickly becoming a global danger. Partner nations across the globe are responding to the Mexican cartels fiercely by combining forces and using their armies to tackle the growing transnational threat. Narcoterrorism in the Andes Control of drug sources and the profits that come with them enticed the cartels to move into Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. “Mexican traffickers have turned up in many Colombian cities and are working to get cash in the hands of peasants to boost coca production,” Colombian police director Gen. Óscar Naranjo told The Associated Press. The cartels have become more connected to the drug sources and the criminal organizations currently controlling them. Acquiring the raw materials for drug production would allow the cartels to cut the middlemen out of the drug trafficking chain. Several media reports, including one from the Bolivian La Razón newspaper, indicate that Mexican cartels are also negotiating their relationships with terrorist networks that currently control the drug sources, including the Revolutionary Armed Forced of Colombia, or FARC; the Shining Path in Peru; and Bolivian narcotrafficking organizations made up of family groups. “There is increasing evidence that [Mexican cartels] are going all the way to the source, and this has great financial benefit for them if they can reach the sources, and one of the sources is the FARC guerrillas,” Dudley said of the Mexican cartels’ presence in South America. The DEA’s Bergman, in an interview with Bloomberg News, spoke about how the Mexican cartels’ alliances with the FARC bring profit for both organizations and a newfound danger for the region. The Mexican government has to confront wealthier drug cartels while Colombia’s government must battle a better armed guerrilla force. “It would cut out the traditional drug trafficker middleman and increase the amount of money the FARC would be able to earn per kilogram — profit that would be spent on bullets and armament to perpetuate the insurgency,” Bergman said. Associations in the Andean region are not limited to terrorist networks. The Mexican cartels also employ smaller criminal organizations to transport and sell drugs. In 2009, there were several instances in which Mexican nationals were arrested on drug trafficking charges in Peru. The same year, Peruvian police discovered a cocaine processing lab in Lima under the control of a Mexican drug cartel. Bolivian authorities say that clans in their country are carrying out illicit activities for the Mexican cartels, according to Bolivian newspaper La Razón. Mexican cartels’ reach can be seen all the way south to Buenos Aires, where in 2010 a container of apples with smuggled cocaine bound for Spain was found with the trademark logo of a Mexican cartel. Argentina’s police also seized a methamphetamine lab with links to a Mexican cartel in 2009, arresting nine Mexican nationals. These instances point to Mexican cartels’ involvement at the source sites and inception of the drug production process. Central American Regional Security Initiative – CARSI programs include: By Dialogo October 01, 2010 Why aren’t the drugs known as ICE, CRYSTAL or METHAMPHETAMINES sold in Central America given that they are supposed to be very profitable too, like crack or rocks, my question is why haven’t the cartels allowed these drugs to spread through Central America…. last_img read more

‘Nourish New York’ feeds Southern Tier

first_img“It makes you proud to be a part of this community, everybody is just stepping up to do what they can to help out,” said Bordeau. The initiative distributes $25 million across the state to food banks supporting families and farmers. Mark Bordeau is the Senior Food Services Director for BOCES, and says they typically provide 80,000 meals per week. He jumped at the chance to provide extra food and help families during this time. “For the districts to step up, to do this extra food is just tremendous. It’s hard enough to do the meals on a regular basis.,” he says. The process requires all hands on deck to make the transfer possible. Bordeau said right now, his role has shifted in the sense that they are in “emergency mode,” but the focus remains – providing food to children across the community. Bordeau said the food will also be available at grab and go sites tomorrow, and he expects a second load of apples to arrive next week. The Food Bank of the Southern Tier received one million dollars to provide food, and this was the first load of products it delivered. “Like” Nicole Menner on Facebook and “Follow” her on Twitter. Today’s drop-off was at Johnson City High School. Truckloads of apples and yogurt were distributed, then transferred to “grab and go” meal sites where families can pick up the food. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Nourish New York initiative arrived in our community today, as the Food Bank of the Southern Tier provided Broome Tioga BOCES ‘Rock on Cafe’ with thousands of produce to help families in need. last_img read more

State Leaders Come Together in Effort to Attract Amazon HQ2 to Pennsylvania

first_img October 18, 2017 Economy,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – On the eve of the deadline to submit proposals for Amazon’s second headquarters in North America, Amazon HQ2, Governor Tom Wolf today highlighted his work to build bipartisan support for a robust effort to attract the company to the commonwealth.Governor Wolf has spearheaded efforts to promote the commonwealth as the prime location for the Amazon HQ2 project, launching the Amazon in PA website, which includes joint letters of support from Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, legislative leaders, education advocates, and cabinet officials. Additionally, the commonwealth will submit a state-level proposal to accompany the proposals submitted by Pennsylvania’s communities.“Pennsylvania continues to lead the way for successful businesses and communities with innovation and imagination. We’ve been here since before our country’s founding, and we’re equipped to support and sustain business for centuries to come,” said Governor Wolf. “Our location at the geographical center of the East Coast, rich cultural heritage, abundant natural resources, and job-ready workforce has made us a hub for commerce and a leader in technological innovation and education.”The governor’s efforts in responding to this historic opportunity have also resulted in collective letters of support from Pennsylvania’s congressional leaders expressing collective support for the placement of Amazon’s second company headquarters, cabinet officials outlining the administration’s efforts and historic investments in education, workforce development, business development, and transportation, higher education advocates representing more than 360 postsecondary institutions highlighting why Pennsylvania is the best choice for Amazon, and bipartisan state leadership expressing their full support for Amazon to select a location in the Keystone State.Amazon is expected to invest over $5 billion in construction and create as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs. In addition to direct hiring and investment, construction and ongoing operations is expected to create tens of thousands of additional jobs and tens of billions of dollars in additional investment in the surrounding community.“We believe we have the strongest proposal and are extremely well-positioned to win this project,” continued Governor Wolf. “We are proud to have coalesced all of our state leaders and partners in this effort and would be proud to be the home of Amazon HQ2.” State Leaders Come Together in Effort to Attract Amazon HQ2 to Pennsylvaniacenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Gerrard: I will return to Liverpool when I’m ready

first_imgSteven Gerrard admits his lack of experience was a concern before taking charge of Rangers and says he would not take his “dream” job at Liverpool unless he was ready. Loading… But he is still looking to end Rangers’ near-nine-year wait for a major trophy and knows he has plenty to prove before any potential return to Merseyside. “I wouldn’t take the Liverpool job just because of what Jurgen said,” he said. “I am mature enough to know that I have to be ready for the Liverpool job. “Just by Jurgen saying it, it’s very flattering because of who he is, and there is a lot of people out there that naturally think that if Jurgen goes in a year or two year’s time, I am next. I don’t and there’s a couple of reasons behind it. “If I got offered it, it’s a completely different ball game because you are getting offered the Liverpool job. But sitting here where I am now, doing what I am doing, I am fine. I am calm and happy. “If I stay at Rangers for another two, three or four years I am OK – it means I am doing something right and happy. I am in no rush to try and jump, I am not looking over the fence at anything. I am proper content. If Jurgen stays at Liverpool for another four or five years, brilliant. “If Liverpool decide there’s another guy that is more suited to the job after Jurgen, that is a better candidate than me at that time then fine, no problem. For me, it’s crack on and be as good as you can if and when it ever comes. If that comes in two years or 10 years, no problem.” Read Also: Gerrard boosts value of his personal firm to £7m He added: “I won’t manage for 20-30 years. I want to experience managing at the top in the Premier League at some point. Obviously the perfect situation would be for my team, for Liverpool, but I’m not daft enough to think I’m going to get it just because I was a good player for Liverpool Football Club. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By Odeith10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?6 Extreme Facts About HurricanesPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D GraffitiWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?This Muslim Woman Belongs To World’s 10 Strongest Women9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooWhy Do So Many Digital Assistants Have Feminine Names & Voices?Contemplate Life At These 10 Stargazing Locations The 39-year-old had to think carefully about taking the Ibrox role in May 2018 after one season in charge of Liverpool U18s, and accepted he will continue to make mistakes and potentially have to manage elsewhere before being deemed suitable for the Anfield dugout. Jurgen Klopp recently tipped the former Liverpool skipper and 114-time capped England midfielder as his natural successor as Reds boss and the pair both signed contract extensions until 2024 at their respective clubs on the same day but Gerrard is not making any assumptions about his career path. Speaking to long-time team-mate Jamie Carragher on the Greatest Game podcast, Gerrard said of his inexperience: “It was a concern. “And I think everyone knew – the media, everyone at Rangers and me going in – that there is going to have to be an element of learning on the job. Even now I’m going to make mistakes, I will still make mistakes. “But you can’t fast-forward experience, you can’t short-cut it, it just comes in time. My concern when the Rangers offer came was if I stay at Liverpool maybe that might not come and maybe that is the one that I need. Maybe that is made for me, I did get a real nice feeling for it, but yes it did come too soon.” Gerrard has since led Rangers into the Europa League group stages twice with a last-32 clash with Braga to come and his side are neck and neck with Celtic in the Premiership after victory at Parkhead on December 29 left his side two points behind their Old Firm rivals with a game in hand.last_img read more

Daily Reading Can Help Prevent the “Summer Slide” in Indiana

first_imgEven as Indiana children enjoy their summer vacation, educational experts say it’s important they find the time to sharpen their reading skills.Suzanne Walker, children’s services consultant at the Indiana State Library, says studies have shown what is sometimes called the “summer slide,” the loss of reading or math skills learned during the school year.“So much so, that when students enter school in the fall, they will be behind in terms of reading achievement from where they were when school ended,” says Walker. “It’s almost like they didn’t even go to school those last three months.”Walker says reading daily helps a child improve both reading and writing skills. She notes that Summer Reading Programs are a great option to get children excited about reading, and libraries across the state offer programs that combine educational and fun activities for kids of all ages.When it comes to reading at home, Walker says it should be a positive experience. She says allowing a child to choose their own reading material is important, especially for reluctant readers.“If they feel like they don’t like reading, you can try to introduce them to comic books or graphic novels,” she says. “Audio books can be really wonderful – you can listen to them in the car as a family. Non-fiction is just as great as fiction is.”Parents also can have a big impact in helping a child to view reading as a pleasure and not a chore.“A great thing for them to do is to model reading in the home – so, if Mom and Dad are reading, kids are going to see that and they’re going to want to do that as well,” adds Walker.A recent survey of 1,000 parents found only one in three read with their child every night, and half said their children spend more time with TV or video games than books.Mary Kuhlmanlast_img read more

ICC World Cup MS Dhoni: Mastering the art of legendary popularity at 38 in ICC Cricket World Cup

first_imgMS Dhoni has won World T20, 50-over World Cup and Champions Trophy.MS Dhoni helped India reach No.1 in Tests in 2009.MS Dhoni is the only player to effect 100 stumpings in ODIs. New Delhi: MS Dhoni has mastered the art of ageing like fine wine. With every passing year, his skills, be it wicketkeeping, decision-making or his batting, has only gotten better. Internet trolling and selective picking and choosing aside, even when it comes to strategy, keeping and batting, there is still no one like MS Dhoni. The ICC has acknowledged it in their tribute to Dhoni, the thousands in several stadiums in England where the matches are taking place have said there is none better than Dhoni, Jos Buttler has idolized him as a role model, Ben Stokes has hailed his consistency, Jasprit Bumrah has paid tribute to his calming influence while Virat Kohli, himself a modern-day great, has acknowledged that Dhoni is the certified legend of the game.On the cricket field, MS Dhoni has achieved what needs to be done as skipper and player. He is the only skipper to have won all three ICC Championships, be it World T20, 50-over World Cup and Champions Trophy. He has won the IPL three times, the now-defunct Champions League T20 twice. Dhoni as captain helped India scale the summit in the Test ranking. As a keeper, he is third in the all-time list behind Kumar Sangakkara and Adam Gilchrist. However, he is the only one with over 100 stumpings.Imagine this situation. You are captain across all formats. You keep wickets in all formats, which is incredibly taxing on the body. You take crucial decisions. You contribute at the death overs. You bat with aggression and finish the game on most occasions. To do that for close to 10 years, with such a high level of sustained fitness and brilliant decision-making is a stuff alpha-males are made up of.Dhoni has done all that. He has taken his team over the line so many times. He has taken many right decisions. Hell, one does not win every ICC championship and scale the Test ranking of No.1 in the same tenure. It takes something special for the likes of Kohli to say that he is a legend and that Sachin Tendulkar, the original gold standard of Indian batting, says Dhoni was the best captain under whom he played.At age 38, he might be running out of time. However, Dhoni is just two wins away from potentially ending his career on the ultimate high. He has achieved what he had to. Now, it is just the accumulation of more records to cement his legendary status.Since it is a democracy and a liberal country, trolls have all the right to criticise. However, in the words of Kohli, Dhoni knows what he is doing. His post-match interview in the 2016 World T20 when he gave a reply to Cricket Australia journalist Sam Ferris about retirement is the defining attitude of Dhoni, who is enjoying his time out in the field. Dhoni can still run 100 meters in 10 seconds, he can still effect stumpings in 0.08 seconds, he can still finish the match off with a last-ball six and he still continues to amass records at will.There is truly no one like MS Dhoni. Even if India does not win the World Cup, Dhoni has done enough to ensure his legend will forever remain etched in the minds of billions. And no trolling can change that. highlightscenter_img For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

Cricket News Australia’s cricket union slam Lord’s fans for booing Steve Smith after being hit by bouncer

first_imghighlights For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Steve Smith smashed his 25th fifty.Steve Smith retired hurt on 75 after being hit by a bouncer from Jofra Archer.Australia lead the five-match Test series 1-0.center_img New Delhi: The fourth day of the Ashes Test between England and Australia at Lord’s witnessed an enthralling contest between Jofra Archer and Steve Smith. Archer was bowling in excess of 90 mph while Smith overcame the conditions and scored a brilliant fifty to put steady Australia. However, on 75, Smith was hit by a ferocious bouncer by Archer and he immediately fell down. There were genuine concerns from both the Australia and England camps but there were some booes from a section of the Lord’s crowd after he was hit. Taking note of the behavior, the Australian Cricket Union has criticised the behavior of the Lord’s crowd and said it was time to say ‘enough’.”Cricket deserves much better than that. And Lord’s, the home of cricket, deserves much better than that also. What we witnessed was bravery from an outstanding young man. It should be commended not vilified. Over the English summer, generally the crowds have been terrific and really added to the contest. But when someone is hurt, yet the boos continue, it’s time to call ‘enough’,” president Greg Dyer and chief executive Alistair Nicholson said in a joint statement.While angry at Smith’s treatment by some fans, the ACA applauded the decision by medics to insist the 30-year-old leave the field for concussion checks, a protocol pushed by Australia following the death of Phillip Hughes in 2014. Hughes, a former team-mate of Smith’s, died after being hit by a bouncer in a domestic Sheffield Shield match in Sydney.  “The events at Lord’s show the importance of the concussion protocols which have been developed in Australia over the last few years,” it said. “Administrators in Australia working with the ACA and now the ICC have done a good job in putting the protocols in place. Plainly, they are necessary to protect the players who are struck. Let’s remind ourselves — this is a workplace for these players,” it added. “The reality is that cricket can be a dangerous sport, especially when the bowling is as ferocious as it has been in this series. To see the protocols practised at Lord’s overnight was important and correct,” the ACA said.last_img read more

Cricket News Bangladesh Vs Afghanistan: Afghans Thrash Bangladesh To Secure 224 Runs Win

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: Rashid Khan claimed 6-49 and completed his maiden 10-wicket haul in Test cricket as Afghanistan overcame rain and fading light to crush Bangladesh by 224 runs in the one-off Test in Chittagong on Monday.In only his country’s third Test match, Rashid took three of the last four wickets to finish with a match haul of 11 wickets, helping Afghanistan bowl out Bangladesh for 173 runs in the second innings.With four wickets in hand, the hosts were given 18.3 overs to survive after play resumed in the final session following a rain break but they succumbed with three overs to spare.Brief scores: Afghanistan first innings 342 all out (Rahmat Shah 102, Asghar Afghan 92, Rashid Khan 51; Taijul Islam 4-116) and 260 all out (Ibrahim Zadran 87, Asghar Afgan 50; Shakib Al Hasan 3-58) vs Bangladesh first innings 205 (Mominul Haque 52; Rashid Khan 5-55, Mohammad Nabi 3-56) and 173 in 61.2 overs (Rashid Khan 6-49, Zahir Khan 3-59)(With Inputs From  PTI) last_img read more

El Clasico: Can Madrid Dent Barca’s Unbeaten Run to La Liga…

first_imgBefore the start of the season, not many would have betted that Barcelona would win the La Liga ahead of bitter rivals-Real Madrid. Yet, the Blaugrana are set to do the unthinkable-win the title without losing a game and this is what Zinedine Zidane and his team would try to stop as they visit the Nou Camp on Sunday. Though Barcelona have celebrated the title in the streets and are just waiting to be officially crowned champions of Spain in their last match, yet, what is at stake tomorrow is more than just prideR eal Madrid can transform their own season by beating Liverpool in this month’s Champions League final, and on Sunday they can dent Barcelona’s by becoming the first team to defeat the Catalans in La Liga.This ‘clasico’ at Camp Nou will have minimal impact on the league, with Barca already crowned champions and Real’s passing interest in pipping Atletico to second place diminished by their ambitions in Europe.But there is still much at stake in what Madrid’s daily newspaper Marca has billed “the clasico of honour”. It could even be argued this match will go some way to defining the seasons of these two teams.Barca, in particular, have been careful in celebrating their domestic double, their players aware of the disappointment that lingers from their Champions League crash in the quarterfinals.Even as they ordered pizza and slurped beer from the top of their open-top bus down Las Ramblas this week, it was noticeable how many interviews still referenced the disappointment in Rome.“The elimination in the Champions League, it hurt us because it was unexpected,” said Barca coach Ernesto Valverde. “But it is very difficult to do what we have done and now what are we going to do? We keep trying.”To soften the blow, Barca’s best response was to win the Copa del Rey and La Liga and finish unbeaten in the league for the first time, while hoping Real do not go all the way in the Champions League. The latter two are still to be decided.Real’s march towards a 13th European triumph has certainly weighed heavily on Barcelona, whose sense of absence has been heightened by the progress of their rivals.“It’s amazing to be in a Champions League final for the third time in a row and have the chance to win it for the fourth time in the last five years,” Real midfielder Toni Kroos said on Tuesday.“It’s hard for me to find words to describe that. When it comes to the Champions League, we have extra motivation.”Barca are looking to avoid defeat this weekend, and in their last three league games against Villarreal, Levante and Real Sociedad to seal a historic season.But if Real snatch a victory at the Camp Nou and also see off Liverpool, perhaps the balance is tipped in their favour.It will certainly be the last ‘clasico’ for Andres Iniesta as a player while Gareth Bale may also wave goodbye to this fixture, with the Welshman expected to consider his future at Real in the summer.The suggestion is both teams could give the departing Iniesta, Barca’s captain, a guard of honour, even if Real refuse to do so for Barcelona’s La Liga triumph.Bale was again a substitute against Bayern Munich on Tuesday, meaning he has now started only one of Real’s six Champions League knock-out games.Zidane has been playing Bale, and resting key players, in La Liga matches but he is not likely to field a weakened team this weekend.Meanwhile, Barcelona defender Lucas Digne has admitted he and his teammates are desperate to avoid surrendering their unbeaten La Liga record to Real Madrid.Barca are four games away from adding a first invincible La Liga season to their domestic double but this weekend they host a Real side in form, and buoyed by their run to the Champions League final.Digne, speaking exclusively to AFP, said finishing the campaign undefeated has now become key.”It’s that consistency, it shows the hard work of the whole group throughout the season, it’s huge,” Digne said.“Of course, this is a record the team now wants to go for. It is important for us and we will give everything to hold on to it.”Barca also still feel the need to atone for their Champions League collapse against Roma, which hangs over the club, despite their domestic success.Real’s subsequent march to the final has only deepened the sense of disappointment.“Real winning the Champions League is still hypothetical, it is not done yet,” Digne said.“There are two sides to our season – we would have hoped to go further in the Champions League and we thought we could have won it but that didn’t happen.“The double is still something exceptional and we are still undefeated in the league. We have to remember it is still a very strong season.”There is an undercurrent that this meeting with Real will go some way to defining how Barcelona’s season is perceived.When it comes to El Clasico, there is no such thing as a dead rubber.“Quite simply, it’s the biggest match in the world,” Digne said. “There is an expectation that is just amazing and a rivalry between the two clubs that goes back a very long way.“It is felt from the supporters, to the players, to everyone. It is really a special atmosphere.”Digne is coming to the end of his second season at Barca, having joined from Paris Saint-Germain in 2016.He remains the No 2 to Jordi Alba at left-back but is highly thought of by coach Ernesto Valverde, with whom he enjoys a strong relationship.“The coach has added so much to us tactically and defensively – we are much stronger and the results prove it,” Digne said.“He asks us to defend properly because we are a team that attacks a lot. We have become more balanced and harder to beat.”Atletico Madrid, who are five points ahead of Real, host struggling Espanyol on Sunday.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more