Troubles in Bassa Deepen, Big Fish Accused, Including T. Nelson Williams II and Buchanan…

first_imgAs the looming trouble in Grand Bassa County deepens, authorities of the county have reportedly accused some prominent citizens of the county of being behind the Aggrieved Bassa Citizens (ABC) who are calling for the immediate resignation of County Superintendent Etweda T. Cooper and Assistant Superintendent for Development Adonie Z. Greaves.The ABC group wants the current leadership of the county to be immediately  unseated for allegedly mismanaging funds intended to kick Ebola out of the county among other funds also intended to develop their devastated county. The amount in question is a staggering US$307,000.During the second day of the ABC’s protest, on October 9, 2014, members of the group “booed at Superintendent Cooper and shouted loud voices.Rogue! Rogue!! Rogue!!! When she was attempting to flee the hostility of the ABC demonstrators gathered around her office on that fateful day. Had it not been for the police and other security officers to escort her away, all  hell would have broken loose.Following this, some supporters of the county administration, already in ‘hot water,’ alleged that the Managing Director of the Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC) and Executive Director of the T. Nelson Williams Foundation is  one of the staunch supporters of the ABC’s action against the county leadership’s removal from office.During a press conference held at the offices of the foundation in Buchanan last week, Mr. T. Nelson Williams categorically  refuted the allegation leveled against him, describing it as false, misleading and unfounded and intended to tarnish his long built reputation and to discredit his immense contributions to the eradication of the spread of Ebola and the development of our war torn county.Mr. Williams clarified that at no time has he given the ABC US$1,500 to facilitate the unseating of the current county leadership as had widely claimed by his accusers. He challenged them to prove their allegation to the letter.Mr. Williams disclosed that he only gave the amount of US$900 to six local radio stations in the county for the promotion of the prevention of the spread of the Ebola Virus in the county and nothing else.He revealed that his foundation is a non-political, non-profit one, but purely humanitarian.  It continues to help vulnerable people, give  scholarships to needy students at all levels, without any discrimination.He was allegedly linked to a staffer of his foundation, DU-Ben Cleon, who heads the ABC.Predicated upon this, Mr. T. Nelson Williams has suspended Mr. Cleon for time in definite for using the compound of the foundation to host ABC’s meetings.Grand Bassa County Electoral District #3 Representative  Gabriel B. Smith, also denied the allegation that he is one of the supporters of ABC to unseat the county’s current leadership.Mr. Smith then clarified that he only received a letter from the ABC as their direct lawmaker informing him about its action against the county leadership, but he never replied the letter or supported the group’s action.“Under the Constitution of Liberia, every citizen has the right to freedom of speech, but he or she must be responsible for what he or she says,” he added.On Friday, October 10, 2014, pandemonium broke out when another resistance group calling  itself Patriotic Alliance of Bassa (PAB) reportedly attacked the ABC members and violently stoned and wounded some of them at the Unification Pavilion Hall. The victims were rushed to nearby Drug Stores for medical treatment.At the same time the police in Buchanan, headed by the Superintendent Fredrick Nappy, arrested about 20 men of the PAB and detained them for disorderly conduct.The incident erupted when the ABC was awaiting the arrival of the county’s Legislature caucus to present their petition to them during the third day of their demonstration.At the police Headquarters in the Fairground in Buchanan on  that fateful day, the Development Superintendent Adonie z. Greaves, who had carried the Buchanan City Solicitor, Isaac Yorcee, and the county’s Public Defender, Paul P. Jarvan, to release the detainees of PAB, went loggerheads with Buchanan City mayor Julia Bono.Had it not been for the interception of the police, Grand Bassa County supreme grand zoe Edward John Taywayou, the two groups  would have engaged in a fist fight.Mr. Greaves accused Mayor Bono of supporting ABC, while Mayor Bono also accused Mr. Greaves of organizing the PAB to violently attack and disrupt the ABC’s protest.In another development, one  Liberia’s seasoned lawyers, who is also a son of Grand Bassa County, Cllr. Theophilus C. Gould, allegedly quoted Mayor Bono as saying the ABC’s petition to the county lawmakers was delayed because she should have been in charge of the Ebola Task Force warehouse but to the contrary.Cllr. Gould then described her as being selfish and unpatriotic.He made the utterances on Saturday, October 12, 2014 when his group, the Ancient  Free and Accepted Masons,  along with the General Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star of Liberia, donated some assorted Ebola preventive materials and food items to Grand Bassa County Ebola Task Force.  The donations were  received by Superintendent Etweda A. Cooper, on behalf of the Task Force.In reaction, Mayor Bono catergorily denied the allegation and described it as false and misleading which she said is intended to create confrontation.She then expressed disappointment over Cllr. Gould, as a renowned lawyer to the country, leveling such  an allegation against her.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Granger probably not ‘fit and proper’ to select GECOM Chairman

first_img…nominees more technically qualified than President, Ministers – JagdeoBy Gary EleazarIf it is that Head of State David Granger cannot – from a list of 18 persons – select one to head the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), then perhaps he is not a ‘fit and proper’ person, since many of the persons already identified are technically, even more competent than him and several of his Cabinet Ministers.Former President Bharrat Jagdeo made the scathing observation on Wednesday when he addressed members of the local media corps and expressed his dissatisfaction over the recent statements made by President Granger.Despite expressing some level of optimism expressed by Jagdeo over intimations by Granger that he wanted to meet with the Opposition Leader following the written ruling issued by the Chief Justice, the Opposition Leader told reporters, “nobody said anything about the ruling interfering with his authority to appoint a fit and proper person.”Jagdeo was adamant that the President has an obligation to not only respect but to apply the contents of the ruling in his decision to appoint a GECOM Chairman with regard the list submitted.According to the Opposition Leader, “if our President cannot find from18 persons; 18 persons who are all professionals, who have some standing in society, who have demonstrated independent positions and actions, who are impartial, (if) he cannot find a single persons – most of them are more technically qualified than the President himself and most of his Ministers – can’t find a single of 18 fit and proper, then something is wrong not with those people anymore or the process; something is wrong with him, and maybe he is not fit and proper to make the selection.”Jagdeo in criticising the positions adopted by the President questioned how long the charade will be upheld in face of the High court ruling.Responding to the publicised overtures, Jagdeo questioned “what does he want to meet with me to say again.”He told media operatives that he is respectful of the Office of the President, and as such, will meet and given the deviation from previous communications regarding the rejection of previous lists, his fingers are crossed that this time around the meeting would be to inform him of a decision taken.“Normally I am very respectful of the institution, the presidency,” as he indicated his willingness to attend the meeting despite the diversionary tactics being employed.Jagdeo told reporters too that one of the President’s Ministers was overheard at the court declaring that the final decision on who will be appointed GECOM Chairman will be made at the People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNC) Headquarters at Congress Place.“Maybe it is that the President has no authority to make this decision that its dealt with elsewhere and so somebody needs to say to the President you have to address this issue seriously.”Chief Justice Roxanne Wiltshire in her written ruling which was handed down recently had found that Granger’s case proved to be irrational, highlighting that while the Constitution states that nominees for the post should fall into the categories of Judge, former Judge or someone eligible to be a Judge, the first two categories are not compulsory.Furthermore, she noted that the term “any other fit and proper person” allowed more space to select the six candidates, while highlighting that “there is no mandatory category.”According to the Chief Justice, Granger should provide reasons for rejecting nominees presented by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo for the position of the GECOM Chairman in accordance with Article 161 (2) of the Constitution which refers to the need for communication and negotiation.President Granger has already rejected two lists of 12 persons and is currently considering a third list, all of which had been supplied by the Opposition Leader following consultations with sections of civil society.Marcel Gaskin, a businessman and engineer, had moved to the High Court in March of this year to challenge the constitutionality of President Granger’s reasoning behind his rejection of Opposition Leader’s list of nominees.Gaskin, also the brother of Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, had wanted the court to determine whether Jagdeo’s list of nominees was indeed not “fit and proper” as declared by President Granger.Granger had repeatedly maintained that the list of nominees must include a Judge, a retired Judge or a person qualified to be a Judge. On the other hand, Jagdeo has argued that the nominees do not have to be Judge-type as the Constitution makes provision for another group of persons under the category of “fit and proper”.Jagdeo told reporters on Tuesday that the President was merely engaged in diversionary tactics when it was reported that he was ‘dead set’ on appointing a fit and proper person, saying “whoever claimed in this country that the ruling interfered with his authority to appoint a fit and proper person, definitely not the Chief Justice and I did not say that.”Based on the ruling, the persons nominated by himself “do not have to be in any of these categories: Judges, former Judges or (eligible) to be appointed Judges”.On the question of whether the President is required under the Constitution to supply reasons as to why the names have been rejected, the Chief Justice has indicated that “yes, he has to give reasons”.Speaking to whether the President is obliged to select a person from the six names supplied, unless he has determined positively that the person is unacceptable as a fit and proper person to be appointed, again the Chief Justice ruled in the negative.“So even if the President finds individuals who are unacceptable to the list, it does not render the entire list unacceptable,” the Opposition Leader had earlier indicated.last_img read more

Bingo Spartans, GCC The Sequel triumph in hockey league

first_imgThe Guyana Hockey Board’s developmental league resumed over the weekend as if it never had a break, with players showcasing an exceptional upkeep of form.Abosaide CadoganIn the first two matches of the Under-19 Division, the GCC Pitbulls were pitted against Saints Splinters, while Hikers continued their campaign against Saints Sonics.The women’s Second Division saw Bingo Spartans contesting with Woodpecker Hikers and Saints competing against Old Fort. The Second Division men’s games saw Hikers Cadets face-off with Old Fort, while Bounty GCC came up against GCC The Sequel.The first bout of action got underway on Saturday afternoon at the Saint Stanislaus Ground on Carifesta Avenue.The Under-19 category had business as usual, with the GCC Pitbulls being awarded a walkover for their encounter with the Saints Splinters. Additionally, three goals were awarded to the team.The next matchup saw the Hikers striking similar luck when the Saints Sonics arrived late. The Hikers were awarded a goal for their opponent’s tardiness, and went on to capitalize on the scoring, adding another goal to defeat the Sonics 2-0.The Men’s Division saw a more intense competition, given the presence of older and more experienced players. In the Old Forts/Hikers Cadet encounter, Jerezeneo Bell gave his team a push to get the goals flowing. Shortly after, Theodore Thierens equalised for his team, Old Fort.However, Hikers Cadets were determined to come out on top, and play in the match eventually saw recorded one goal apiece from Cove Bowman and Devon Munroe, resulting in a 3-1 win for the Hikers Cadets.Almost namesakes, GCC Bounty had to settle for the back-burner, being smothered by GCC The Sequel. When GCC Bounty drew first blood, the general consensus was that they would dominate the game; but they were unable to repeat that goal-scoring feat, while GCC The sequel began demonstrating their skill coupled with steadfast determination, and were able to produce four thrilling goals, two of which came off the stick of skipper Phillip Fernandes.Over in the Women’s Division, Saints got a taste of sweet victory over Old Fort when they played a superb hand of offence and defence, and limited their opponents to being scoreless while they penetrated the net three times to secure a 3-0 victory.In what was probably the most exhilarating matchup of the day, Abosaide Cadogan led her team, Bingo Spartans, to a clinical victory over Woodpecker Hikers. By the 18th minute of the game, Cadogan had already completed a hat trick of goals, leaving the Woodpecker side shocked and vulnerable.In the second half, she added two more to the score before Shondelle Durant put Woodpecker’s first goal on the board. It was by then a little too late for the Woodpecker side, as Cadogan netted one more time to add a cherry to the proverbial pie, the encounter finishing 6-1 in favour of the Bingo Spartans.The developmental league was postponed back in April after inclement weather had made the field unplayable.last_img read more

BC Assessment makes presentation to Council

first_imgThe land will stay the same, the classification stays the same unless they start removing equipment then the classification changes and the method of evaluation changes. Sitter shares, once you change it from a major industrial property, now you’re into regular property classes.He goes on to share it is a huge building designed for a specific industrial purpose and who is going to buy the building for that purpose, yet more than likely an alternative purpose.Sitter shares he has not seen a reaction in the markets yet so he does not know how the markets will react with the plant’s closure yet as soon as BC Assesment knows they will keep close contact with the municipality. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Scott Sitter, Assessor of the Northern B.C. Region for BC Assesment made a presentation on the Basics of Assesment to Council.In the presentation Sitter explained the formula in which BC Assesment formulates their values they use in assessments of properties.In 1974 British Columbia became a Crown Corporation in which changes were made that distributed the tax base fairly. In B.C., assessment and taxing are run by different departments.- Advertisement -Sitter shared, the B.C. assessment and tax system rank top 6 worldwide.Sitter spoke to Council at the end of the presentation in regards to the OSB Plant. He shared when BC Assessment gets notification of potential for a major industrial property to curtail its operations or go into closure, BC Assesment provides the best estimate at the time.In terms, if the OSB Plant is going to be down permanently the assessment on their building will drop to a 90 percent depreciation rate. Dependent on their current assessment will drop to 10 percent of the replacement value.Advertisementlast_img read more

Swilly Seals narrowly miss out to Ballymena at their first outing

first_imgFEATURES: Swilly Seals headed to Ballymena last Saturday, impressing their coaches with some record breaking swims, however they were narrowly beaten by Ballymena A.S.CThe Swilly Seals A.S.C travelled to Ballymena A.S.C in the first gala of the Provincial Towns League Division Two.A lot of new faces took to the start blocks in their first competitive club gala and impressed their coaches.It was a highly competitive meet with both clubs edging ahead throughout the two and a half hours. After fifty six races Ballymena managed to edge ahead by 16 points to leave the final scoreline at 580 to 564.The clubs next gala is away to Ballymoney next month. A lot of new personal best times were achieved and club records broken including the 50m Breaststroke by Cody Dunnion in 40.53, Cian Mulligan 50m Breaststroke in 36.54, 50m Fly in 32.87 and 50m Freestyle in 29.53. Molly Nulty 50m Backstroke in 35.69, Joyce Hudy in50m Breaststroke 36.35, 50m Fly in 31.81 and 50m Freestyle in 28.78. In the relays Eadaoin Kelly, Joyce Hudy, Grainne Russell and Orlaith Fogarty broke the 50m Medley Relay record setting a time of 2.15.30, they also set a new club record in the Freestyle Relay swimming 2.01.30. Well done to all the swimmers who took part and good luck to all the swimmers heading to Armagh to compete in the Swim Ulster Development Series this coming Sunday.Swilly Seals narrowly miss out to Ballymena at their first outing was last modified: September 28th, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Ballymena A.S.CgalaSwilly SealsSWIMMINGlast_img read more

Instant classic, Pt. 2: St. Bernard’s tops Fortuna in overtime

first_imgWill Omey accounted for eight touchdowns, seven of them through the air, as St. Bernard’s stuffed a Huskies two-point conversion attempt in overtime to hold off Fortuna 56-54 Friday night in Fortuna.With Friday’s win St. Bernard’s improves to 1-1 in the Big 4 and 6-3 overall. Friday’s loss drops Fortuna to last place in the Big 4 at 0-2, and 5-4 overall.Friday’s win was also a bit of redemption for the Crusaders as they lost an equally close game to Fortuna a year ago in the second round of …last_img read more

Bali and Lombok airports closed

first_imgThe travel plans for thousands of holidaymakers have been thrown into disarray by the ash cloud from the eruption of Mt Rinjani on the island of Lombok, adjacent to Bali.Indonesian authorities have been forced to close both Bali and Lombok airports till at least Friday Nov 6th.And volcanologists have warned that the eruption may last for some time with the last one in 2009 lasting 18 months.Bali airport handles 300 international and domestic flights a day and 40,000 passengers.Indonesian authorities closed the airport at 11pm Tuesday night and the ban applies till Friday morning when the situation will be reassessed.Virgin Australia and Jetstar have cancelled all flights till Friday.The airline says that passengers whose flights have been cancelled will be advised of their new flight details via SMS or email, or they can contact the Guest Contact Centre on 07 3119 7019 (from Australia), 00 1803 061 2002 (from Indonesia).Virgin Australia is also advising passengers currently in Bali not to travel to Denpasar Airport without a confirmed rebooked flight.It said that it will “continue to monitor the movement of the ash cloud from Mt Rinjani in Lombok, with the latest information from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) and will resume flying as soon as it is safe to do so.”Jetstar added that once it had resumed flights, it will schedule additional services to enable customers to travel to or from Bali.Volcanic ash clouds have wreaked havoc with aircraft — shutting down engines and blocking critical speed sensors, rendering critical flight control systems useless.According to Boeing, there have been over 90 serious ash encounters over the past 30 years.The most serious was a British Airways flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth in June 1982 when a Boeing 747 flew into the thick ash cloud from Mt Galunggung in Indonesia.It took the crew an agonising 13 minutes to get the engines restarted while the plane descended from 37,000 feet to just 13,500 feet.Less dramatic but potentially more serious is the damage to aircraft systems. If volcanic ash fouls the critical pitot tubes, the indicated airspeed can decrease or fluctuate erratically and affect flight computers.Last year a Jetstar flight from Perth to Jakarta flew at night through unexpected volcanic ash, leaving the airline with a $20 million damages bill.Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority warned Australian airlines earlier this year to stay away from the ash cloud because of the danger to passengers, crew and possible damage to the plane.FAA Bali Notamlast_img read more

Comair spends $646m on new Boeings

first_img7 February 2011South African aviation group Comair has ordered eight next-generation Boeing 737-800s, worth approximately US$646-million (about R4.67-billion) at list prices, in order to update the fleet of its low-fare airline, new aircraft will all feature the new Boeing Sky interior, which includes new stowage bins, new sidewalls, a new LED lighting system, new ceiling panels, and new air vents. Other new features that passengers will feel are a quieter cabin, intuitive placement of switches and call buttons for alerting flight attendants.“The purchase of new Boeing 737-800s is historic for our company and gives all our 1 800 staff a great feeling of pride,” Comair joint CEO Gidon Novick said in a statement this week.“The new fleet is an essential part of our efficiency drive, which will not only give us a cost leadership position in our industry, but also provide our customers with exceptional levels of reliability and comfort with the spacious new interior.”The new aircraft are more fuel-efficient, technologically advanced, require lower maintenance and are more eco-friendly as they give off fewer carbon emissions.The credit guarantee for the transaction, which will cover all eight aircraft, was secured via the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank). Ex-Im Bank is the official export credit agency of the United States federal government, and provides credit guarantees for financing and insuring foreign purchases of United States goods.Maintenance Performance ToolboxIn addition to its 737-800 order, Comair is purchasing the Maintenance Performance Toolbox, which improves an airline’s fleet efficiency by integrating manufacturer and customer documentation, use of intelligent graphics, cross-document searching and linking aircraft fault data to specific maintenance actions.It also provides a comprehensive structural repair history for each airplane while reducing the time needed to find tail-specific technical information in time-critical situations, such as line maintenance troubleshooting and dispatch.“Comair is an amazing success story, as this airline company has posted operating profits each year since it was founded in 1946,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes sales and marketing vice president Marlin Dailey. “Today’s order demonstrates the value the 737-800 has already brought to its fleet and the confidence Comair has in this airplane.”Company ‘has come full circle’Launched in 2001 as South Africa’s first low-fare carrier, currently operates an all-Boeing fleet of ten 737s, including three leased 737-800s. Comair also operates as a franchise partner of British Airways, with thirteen 737 airplanes flying domestically in South Africa and regionally in Southern Africa.“We’ve reached a new and exciting stage in the life of Comair, and we are pleased to welcome the new additions to our fleet, which sees us keeping abreast of technological advances while ensuring the ongoing comfort and safety of our customers,” said Novick.“Our company has really come full circle from when we started operations with turbo aircraft, then moving to MD82s and onto 737-200s.”SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Tablet Mobile Web Traffic Now Eclipses Smartphone Traffic [Charts]

first_imgThe Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Adobe notes that all the regions it tracks tablet traffic saw total traffic double in the last year. The United Kingdom has the highest percentage of tablet traffic, with 12.2% of views, while China had the lowest at 3.1%.  From an entirely mobile perspective, there are two ways to look at these numbers. Just six years after the launch of the first iPhone (July 2007, the essential start of The Mobile Revolution) and three years since the launch of the iPad, smart mobile devices now garner nearly one out of every six website pageviews. That is not insignificant. On the flip side, though, no matter how much we harp on the notion that the mobile Web is not just the future, but also the present, the vast majority of Web traffic still comes from the legacy that is the PC.  What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Related Posts If you are surfing the Web from a mobile device these days, odds are you are doing it not from a smartphone, but from some type of tablet. According to a study done by Adobe, for the first time tablets have surpassed smartphones for percentage of website views. Adobe analyzed more than 1 billion visits for more than 1,000 websites and found that 8% of traffic came from tablets. That ranks ahead of the 7% of visits that came from smartphones. Of course, that leaves 85% or so percent of Web traffic still coming from desktop PCs and laptops.  Tags:#Adobe#smartphones#tablets Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The tablet number is significant because there are far, far fewer tablets in circulation in the world compared to the vast proliferation of smartphones. Adobe attributes tablets increased Web usage compared to smartphones to users preferance for “more in depth visits” with their tablets. Adobe says that page views and visits are 1.7-times higher on tablets than on smartphones. dan rowinskilast_img read more

Three Indians Return Home After 73-day Captivity in Nigeria

first_imgAfter spending 73 days in pirates’ captivity in Nigeria, three Indian youths returned home in Himachal Pradesh.The three–Sushil Kumar, Pankaj Kumar and Ajay Kumar– hailed from Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh and worked in the merchant navy.Ajay Kumar was given a rousing welcome as he returned to his village Malog in Palampur. He was garlanded by family, friends, relatives and locals as the entire village broke out into a festival like celebration.Read it at New Indian Express Related Itemslast_img read more