Hubert Lawrence | Who will replace Bolt?

first_img From a Jamaican perspective, a fully fit and sharp Yohan Blake would wear the mantle comfortably. Were he to regain top speed, his personal bests of 9.75 and 19.26 seconds for 100 and 200 metres respectively would place the 26 year-old Blake in pole position. He has already made progress after repeated injuries in 2013 and 2014. Kemar Bailey-Cole, the 2014 Commonwealth champion, has had his share for injuries. Good health and better starts are needed for him to take up the mantle. Skeen and Olympic 4×100 gold medal winner Jevaughn Minzie could both be in the mix in the next few years. Three-time World finalist Nickel Ashmeade, Commonwealth champion Rasheed Dwyer, a fit-again Jason Young, 2012 Olympic bronze medallist Warren Weir, all 19.8 men; and the unlucky Julian Forte will keep Jamaica in the thick of things at 200 metres. Forte is just 23. All of them could have more to give. Senoj-Jay Givans, who broke 10 seconds in the 100 in 2016, might be in the mix too. Further down the line are new professional Nigel Ellis, Raheem Chambers, recently departed from St Jago to Auburn University, Jhevaughn Matherson of Kingston College, and three Calabar High School speed merchants who have dominated at Boys and Girls’ Championships in the last few years. Ellis did the double for St Elizabeth Technical at Champs this year and sprinted to third in the 200 at the World Under-20 Championships. World Under-20 100 finalist Chambers, and the gifted Matherson were second and third to Ellis in the 100 at Champs. The fast Calabar boys – Dejour Russell, Tyreke Wilson, who ran 21.72 seconds for 200 metres into a 2.7 metre per second headwind at Champs in 2014, and Michael Stephens all have eye-popping potential. The question – who will replace Bolt? – comes because the tall man from Trelawny has led Jamaica through a golden era. The medal count in the last three Olympics has stood at 11 with six gold in 2008, 12 with four gold in 2012 and 11 with five gold this year. Jamaica’s medal haul at the 2009 Worlds was 13 with seven gold, with last year’s team winning 12 overall with seven gold. Before the golden era, the highest Olympic medal take by Jamaica was nine, at the 2000 Games. Bolt has been immense with six consecutive sprint doubles at the Olympics and seven individual gold medals at the World Championship. Throw in world record sprint doubles at the 2008 Olympics and the 2009 Worlds and the question takes on an unreasonable tone. If what is really required is someone to dominate the way Bolt has, then it may be too much to ask. As shown above, Jamaica at present has several world-class male sprinters with more to come. There is, however, no one quite like Bolt. • Hubert Lawrence has made notes at trackside since 1980. Now that Usain Bolt’s incomparable career is approaching its final chapter, the question Jamaican sports fans are asking most frequently is who will replace him? The answer is most likely that no one will precisely replicate the tall man’s combination of athletic ability and Brand Jamaican charm. There is, after all, only one Usain Bolt. From a global point of view, Canada’s Andre De Grasse seems to be the next great sprinter. He has sped from obscurity to sparkle on the US college circuit with a big NCAA 2015 sprint double and 100-metre bronze medals at the World Championships last year and the recently concluded Olympics. He was a respectful second to Bolt over 200 metres at the Olympics. Three years ago, he lost to 2012 World Junior 100 metre bronze medallist Odean Skeen in the US Junior College championship. Now the slim Canadian is the heir apparent. BLAKE COULD BE NEXTlast_img read more

AFL’s Homeward ‘Charity’: Disciplining Our Youth Via ROTC Teaching at BWI, Etc.

first_imgThe Armed Forces of Liberia surely did Liberians proud when they successfully participated last year in peace-keeping operations in Mali.  They performed as creditably as those who undertook Liberia’s first peace-keeping mission in the Congo in 1960.  Among the middle level leaders of that contingent were members of the Class of 1959 of the Booker  Washington Institute (BWI),  including Paul Perry and Mansfield, who later became AFL Generals, Prince A. Page and Arthur Bedell, who upon their return joined the AFL Air Wing and went on to become jet pilots.  Prince became President W.R. Tolbert, Jr.’s personal pilot, flying him to many parts of Africa, Europe and the United States.These BWI boys who went to the Congo had one serious advantage: they had all been trained in ROTC (Reserved Officers Training Corps) by Liberian military experts, including Doc Sirleaf, former husband of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Major Daniel Agabus Walker and others.  During those days, BWI boys who drilled in the school’s Cadet Corp, stole the show on Flag Day every year when they came to parade in Monrovia with their khaki uniforms, army helmets and carbines (a short-barell light weight firearm).  Their teacher, Doc Sirleaf, used to command them to “Hit ‘em pieces.  If you brake ‘um, I will pay for ‘um!”The time has come for Minister Brownie Samukai to restore the ROTC Program at BWI.  With President Sirleaf now keenly interested in BWI’s renaissance, the ROTC Program would do much to restore discipline to the campus.  Who knows?  This could be the harbinger (forerunner) to discipline throughout Liberia.  For the ROTC Program in most of our boarding schools would do much to restore discipline in Liberian youth.  This would, to an immeasurable degree, fulfill Armed Forces Day Orator Kofi Woods’ dream of the AFL to “civilianize” itself; for it would be reaching out in a highly positive way to the nation’s youth, who comprise over 65% of the population.We submit that the AFL could not get more charitable than that, rescuing millions of our young from the debauchery (decadence, vice) that the 14-year civil war left them. But Minister Samukai might come back and say to GOL, “We need money for this, too—restoring the ROTC Program to BWI and introducing it to other schools.”  In the 1950s and 1960s at BWI, there were not more than two AFL Officers—the Instructor and his assistant—that managed the program.  Surely it should not take much money to assign two officers to each of the first 20 leading high schools.  That would be a good beginning.  The Program could be gradually expanded to include others and this could go a long   way in bringing discipline to the Liberian citizenry. It is possible that the United States Armed Forces and other partners could lend a helping hand by meeting some of the costs of the program.  We are positive that it would not be asking too much, especially now that Ebola has almost been defeated and President Obama is recalling the troops.  Liberia has enough troops to handle this program effectively.  America would not need to send any troops for that.  We might need some money and technical expertise to kick off the program.In an earlier editorial, we called on the Defense Ministry, now that it has rehabilitated and reopened the John Hilary Tubman Military Academy (JHTMA) in Todee, to have it linked up with BWI to enable some of its cadets to take courses in Agriculture and the other trades—Architecture, Drafting, Arts and Crafts, Auto Mechanics, Business Administration, Building Construction, Carpentry, Cabinet Making, Ceramics,  Electricity, Electronics, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Machinery, Masonry, Plumbling, Refrigeration, etc. We think a partnership between these two training institutions would be ideal, since they are both in the same vicinity—Kakata, where BWI is located.  Kakata is right up the street from Todee, which hosts JHTMA.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘LAC Future Expansion Consistent with FPIC Process’

first_imgA series of meetings held in Zondo Town with representatives of communities concerning the future expansion of the Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC) was held consistent with the free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) process in Grand Bassa County.Tiswen Synyenlentu, Program Officer for Land Administration at the Land Commission, said the meetings were held at the Korkor David Public School in Korkor David Town, Neesun Chiefdom, Doegbahn Administration in District 4.According to Synyenlentu, the discussions for LAC to acquire an additional 27,400 hectares of land was done with cordiality, adding that the people represented and understood their rights to approve or reject proposed actions or projects that may affect them, their lands, territories and resources.Mr. Synyenlentu, who headed the delegation to the discussions, said contrary to an earlier report in the Daily Observer that the meeting was rejected, Zondo Town representative Isaac Gborway, among others, recommended that “our people must be empowered by LAC to be able to sell our rubber to the company to generate income for ourselves.”Synyenlentu said Gboray’s recommendations were accepted and the town was applauded for its contribution to the initial discussions that could eventually become part of the evolving decisions contained in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provided to the communities involved for their review.He said the meetings were planned from December 12-18 by the Land Commission (LC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, National Investment Commission and other land stakeholders.“We conducted mobilization and sensitization activities consistent with the free, prior, and informed consent process,” he said in an interview recently.He said communities that sent representatives to their various meetings included Philip Town, Coconut Plantation, Gaga Bli, Baboon Camp, Yorcee Town and Deh-dyu-gar Town. Other communities are Dro, Joseph Charlie Town, David Foko Town, Willie Town, Bee Town, Smith, Joe Town and Deh Sua Town. Gaye Town, Bahn Town, Vue Town, Korkor David Town, and surrounding towns and villages situated on the Slo and Timbo Rivers were also represented.“These are the areas that the LAC development operation will be implemented in Neesun Chiefdom, Doegbahn Administrative District #4,” he said.Other meetings were held in the auditorium of Ginda Elementary & Junior High School in Zondo Town, District 4, with representatives from Kweayah Town, Won, Wru, Changbakon, Kpa-Wra-duan, Budywagar, Monfleen, Barlinger, Dbarpa, Pii, Gbor and Williams Town.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Chairman of Sai Baba organisation on familiarisation visit to Guyana

first_imgWith the aim of improving the work done by the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO) of Guyana, a high-level delegation was recently in the country on a one-day visit.Leading the team was Chairman of the Prasanthi Council of the Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation, Dr Narendranath Reddy. The Prasanthi Council handles implementation and oversight of day-to-day functioning of the SSIO.During an interview in the studios of Television Guyana (TVG) on Saturday, Dr Reddy explained that his one-day visit here was part of a regional tour whereby he went to Trinidad and Tobago for five days and Suriname for two days beforeSSIO Prasanthi Council Chairman, Dr Narendranath Reddycoming to Guyana.He noted that his main purpose was to get a first-hand view and experience of the work being done on the ground by members of the SSIO. “So, the main purpose is to meet the devotees and officers of the Organisation to see the progress and enjoy being in their company,” he posited.According to Dr Reddy, this visit to Guyana, which happens to be his first, is an important one. “I know, as the head of the organisation, what is happening here, but there is nothing like personally visiting the place, meeting the people, having dialogue with them; it gives me a better evaluation, a better assessment of what is going on. So that (if) there is any way we can support, from the senior leadership, the work that is going on (we will do that),” the Chairman noted.One of the main services provided by the SSIO in Guyana is medical services and, according to Dr Reddy, who also chairs the Sri Sathya Sai International Medical Committee, they would have placed special emphasis on the work done in this area.“For example in the medical work, we (got) to know what they need – like the gynaecological and urological surgery… (So now) we can support them from our overseas medical services in other countries,” he stated.Meanwhile, the SSIO Prasanthi Council Chairman went on to talk about education, which he said is one of the pillars of the Organisation. He explained that their founder, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba started providing education at the primary school level. That since blossomed to providing education at the PhD level. This, like any other service provided by the Organisation, is completely free. However, Dr Reddy pointed out that the emphasis was not only on academic excellence but the character development of the individual.“He wants a well-rounded personality, not just having a degree to eking out a livelihood, but to be able to serve the society. His students and people who work with him are his exemplars…even though this was started in India, we now have educational institutes all over the world and we also have Sai schools all around the world which teach this value-based education,” the Prasanthi Council Chairman stated.Dr Reddy was joined during his tour by Zone 1 Chairman, for English and Dutch-speaking countries within the Western Hemisphere, Dr Philip Gosselin. According to Dr Gosselin, while they are generally pleased with the work being done by members (called devotees) here, particularly in the medical camps, they want to see more done to encourage and enlighten people about Sri Sathya Sai Baba and his work.“What we would really like is if Sathya Sai Baba, our teacher – if more people knew about him and the human values that he espouses. The idea being that all people of goodwill, they can agree that there are certain characteristics, certain values that we all share such as love, peace, truth, non-violence and right conduct and if the world really became unified behind those values, this world could be quite a different place,” Dr Gosselin noted.The Sathya Sai International Organisation, which is headquartered in India, is a free, non-denominational voluntary organisation based in 126 countries with about 2000 Sathya Sai Centres. Its members come from all faiths and share a common goal: to reach the ultimate goal of realisation of their innate divinity by practising the teachings of love and service taught by their spiritual teacher, Sathya Sai Baba.last_img read more

Pawnshop owner gets suspended 2-year sentence

first_imgIllegal gun, ammoAlmost one year after being arraigned on an illegal possession charge proprietor of Brothers Pawn Shop was on Friday handed a suspended two-year jail term.Freeman Fordyce was charged for the illegal possession of a Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol along with 15 live rounds of matching ammunition. On Friday, almost one year after the initial charge was instituted the businessman was found guilty of the offence.It was reported that Fordyce was nabbed with the firearm in his crotch, at his jewelry and pawnshop, located at George and Princess Streets, Werk-en-Rust on May 5, 2017 when he was not the holder of a firearm license.In court on Friday defense attorney, Nigel Hughes, begged for leniency on behalf of his client. The suspended sentence was handed down by Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. In addition, he was also fined $60,000.last_img read more

Hart-Valencia one to remember

first_img As he lay on the turf, the roar of the crowd left no doubt, and the echoes of cheers and applause undoubtedly is still ringing through his head. The bleachers were filled well before the 7 p.m. kickoff as fans on both sides crammed in for an epic rematch, as Valencia had defeated Hart 29-10 a year earlier to snap Hart’s 65-game league winning streak. Among Hart’s most loyal supporters was junior Bill Caprine, a member of Hart’s track team. Caprine painted his face red and black and wore a custom suede Indian suit. “I just love our team, and I’m out here to show them by being one of the leaders of the crowd,” Caprine said. “You always have to encourage the team.” Underneath the Indian suit, Caprine wore a self-made T-shirt that depicted an Indian killing a Viking. He made seven of the shirts and handed the others out to his friends. “Some of the players like my get-up, and others think I’m a little goofy,” Caprine said. There were a few glitches beforehand. A fire alarm accidentally rang – which proved especially loud and annoying in the press box – and wasn’t turned off for about 45 minutes, finally stopping toward the end of the first quarter. And a fight nearly broke out in the press box after someone from Valencia turned up the P.A. music to drown out a Hart cheer that Valencia’s announcer deemed inappropriate. However, there were no problems with crowd control thanks to heavy security. “Everything is running smoothly. It’s a good crowd, and everything looks good,” Valencia principal Paul Priesz said a few minutes after the kickoff. Priesz said the fire alarm was not a prank but was instead caused by too much shower steam in Hart’s locker room, triggering a heat sensor. There were also some problems with parking, as Valencia never had accommodated such a large crowd. Some latecomers had to park at the Wal-Mart parking lot, which is quite a trek. But as things turned out, the long walk was certainly worth it. This was a game for the ages that won’t soon be forgotten. Gerry Gittelson, (661) 257-5218 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week “I was a little nervous,” Weinstein said. At the time, Weinstein had converted just 4 of 10 field goals this season – a few of the misses, admittedly, because of bad snaps or holds – in what has amounted to an up-and-down senior year for a kicker many consider the league’s best. “After he missed that first one, we knew he had to be tough and come back, and he made it look easy,” said quarterback Tyler Lyon, as Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” blared in the background. “You say he was nervous? Well, anyone would be in that situation.” The snap was perfect, the hold was clean, and Weinstein’s kicked sailed beautifully, crossing midway through the uprights with plenty of room to spare. “Actually, I never saw it go through because I got hit once I kicked it,” Weinstein said. VALENCIA – After a week filled with more pregame pageantry than anyone has ever seen for a Foothill League regular-season football game, how refreshing it was to see the highly anticipated showdown between Hart and Valencia actually live up to the hype on Friday. In a matchup filled with twists and turns in front of a sellout of more than 5,500, Hart’s 17-14 victory wasn’t secure until the final minute, and Hart fans poured onto the field in a massive red-and-black celebration immediately after the final whistle. “This was the game of my life,” said Paul Weinstein, who kicked a game-winning 45-yard field goal with just over four minutes remaining. “But it wasn’t about me. It’s about the whole team. I was just there to finish it. I love Hart football.” A few minutes earlier, Weinstein had missed a 36-yarder, so his heart must have been beating out of his chest as he lined up for the potential game-winner. last_img read more

Puppet Labs Secures $5 Million Funding for Open-Source Server Automation

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#cloud#news Related Posts Portland, Oregon-based Puppet Labs, commercial sponsor of the open-source server configuration framework Puppet, announced today that it has secured a $5 million Series B funding round, led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Existing investors True Ventures and Radar Partners also contributed, bringing Puppet Labs’ total funding to date to over $7 million. This round of funding will help the company build its engineering team and build on its growth in the enterprise.Puppet Labs’ open-source software helps system administrators configure and automate server management. Rather than relying on manually built scripts with little portability or reusability, Puppet streamlines the deployment of servers and improves the consistency of data center resources. Puppet is currently used by companies like Digg, and Twitter.Puppet Labs also announced today the release of Puppet 2.6, an upgrade to its flagship product. New features include a REST API.Like several major players as well as startups in the cloud industry, Puppet Labs is building its enterprise offerings around open source. The intersection between cloud computing and open source is poised to be a major topic at this week’s OSCON in Portland. audrey watterscenter_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Why The Hell Should I Pay Feedly For These Basic Features?

first_imgHow Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Tags:#Feedly#news readers brian proffitt Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img Users of Feedly today got a surprise on their home pages: a limited-seat invite to the RSS reader service’s upcoming Feedly Pro, which offers users new features for an annual subscription plan. But a quick look at those new features may leave many wondering why they should be part of a paid package at all.It’s been a bit of a tough spell since Google Reader was shut down last month. Finding a replacement service wasn’t easy, because none of them filled all of the requirements I needed. In the end, Feedly suited my needs the best, though there were some issues, the biggest being a feature I really need: searching for individual articles.See also The Race To Replace Google ReaderFor users with minimal RSS and Atom feeds, such a feature may not seem like a big deal, but I have enough feeds to generate anywhere from 800-1000 new articles per day, and there are times, when I am looking for news, that narrowing that content down with a targeted search is a lifesaver.My newsreader of choice, Reeder for Mac and for iPad, had this feature, as well as the capability to share content directly in Twitter, Evernote, Facebook, Instapaper and a slew of other such services. But Reeder for Mac and iPad versions still don’t talk to Feedly (though Reeder for iPhone now does), so I just used Feedly’s native cloud interface.Today’s offer is straightforward: the first 5,000 users who sign up to Feedly Pro for $99 will get a lifetime subscription to the new service, which includes the aforementioned article search, https browsing, Evernote content sharing and premium support. After this limited-time offer, Feedly will charge $45 annually for the service, which will be publicly available “sometime in the fall.”Pay To PlayFrom a pure-math standpoint, jumping in now to this early offer makes sense, since you start getting more value for your money after a little over two years. But God help you if Feedly were ever bought and folded into another offering or shut down altogether.Welcome to Feedly ProAnd then there’s the features. The more I thought about it, the more I had to wonder if secure SSL browsing, Evernote connectivity and article searching was really worth paying money.Putting aside my known issues with Evernote, if I wanted to use Feedly with Evernote now I could with a useful script from IFTTT. Secure browsing has some appeal, but if someone wants to see the articles I am reading, this won’t be much of a deterrent. And article searching? That is such a basic function, charging for it seems egregious.The premium support seems a little shaky, too. I would have to include a snippet of technical information that includes my user ID, browser user agent and plan type in every e-mail to the support team. Then there was this:Please include as much context about the issue as possible, including screenshots. We are committed to answering all pro support requests within one business day.Screenshots? From the get-go? And that one business day sentence isn’t exactly a guarantee, either.In the end, because I use newsreaders so much for work, I opted to sign up for the plan anyway. It will either get billed or be a deduction come tax time, and frankly the article search is too much of a necessity not to have.But I have to wonder if this is the way cloud services are going to go now—requiring payment for features that were once considered to be pretty much a given. Cloud services have every right to generate revenue based on what they offer, but if they start nickel and diming us for every little feature, it will be a worrisome trend. Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo…last_img read more

Podcast: Asteroid avalanche, an algal virus in humans, and more

first_imgHow did an algal virus get into humans? Why won’t an asteroid impact alter human population growth? And, speaking of asteroids, might we soon see an avalanche on one? Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm chats about these stories and more with Science’s Sarah Crespi. Also, Ayelet Gneezy discusses trends in charitable giving and how to maximize donations.last_img

Mahendra Singh Dhoni injured ahead of Asia Cup, Parthiv Patel named back-up

first_imgIn what could be a massive blow for India ahead of the Asia Cup T20, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni today suffered a muscle spasm at the team’s training session in Fatullah. Gujarat wicketkeeper-batsman Parthiv Patel has been named as back-up and will join the team soon. (MS Dhoni loses cool over retirement query) Patel was the fourth-highest run-scorer in this year’s Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament, with 337 runs including four half-centuries from nine matches at an average of 42.12.He last played for India during the Commonwealth Bank Series in Australia.”The All-India Senior Selection Committee has named Parthiv Patel as the back-up wicketkeeper for the upcoming Asia Cup, 2016. He will join the team in Dhaka at the earliest,” BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur said. “Parthiv has been summoned as precautionary measure,” team’s media manager Nishant Arora said. NEWS ALERT: @parthiv9 to join team as MS Dhonis back up. The Indian Captain suffered a muscle spasm in the training session today #AsiaCup BCCI (@BCCI) February 22, 2016India open their Asia Cup campaign against hosts Bangladesh on Wednesday. (India have a very balanced team for World Twenty20: MS Dhoni) India reached Bangladesh yesterday and hit the nets today in fading light this evening. Dhoni has been playing non-stop since January and he featured in all five ODIs and three T20s against Australia and three T20s against Sri Lanka.India have been in superb form after the 1-4 drubbing in the ODI series against Australia earlier this year. But Dhoni’s side fought back to take the T20 series against the Aussies 3-0 before beating an under-strength Sri Lanka 2-1 at home.advertisementHowever, Dhoni’s injury could severely upset India’s plans as they have relied on the captain’s experience in limited-overs formats to excel in key ICC tournaments.The ICC World Twenty20 starts in India next month.last_img read more