Butragueño: “Courtois has made a sensational match”

first_imgVictory: “Very happy to be in a very difficult game. The team has adapted to a very difficult and uncomfortable game. We are very happy.”Job: “A lot of contact, interruptions, locked game. Courtois has made a sensational game. They tried to take advantage of their aerial game but we have been very powerful and then we have taken advantage of our options.”Varane Actions: “The matches are presented as they are presented and we have shown maturity to adapt to a game of great contact; of particular duels and we have done a remarkable job of adapting to what the party requested.” Valverde: “In each game it is growing. He has shown it with the pass to Bale. On the last play although he was ahead he has done what he had to do. He is young and will give us a lot.”Super Cup: “I see the team very well, playing great football and in a great line. We go there with great enthusiasm.”Without Ramos: “Sergio is essential for us. But we have shown that we have a staff with many resources and who plays responds. Satisfied with all players.”last_img read more

Total alarm in Barcelona: Luis Suárez will be on leave for four months

first_imgImage: Reuters Barcelona plans to sign a striker to replace the Uruguayan Bad news for the Football Club Barcelona. The Barca club has announced that its player Luis Suarez will be off four months after being operated this Sunday from the external meniscus of the right knee. With all this, the Uruguayan will not return to the team until the final leg of the season. Luis Suarez had long been dragging discomfort in his knee and that was the reason he did not play the final of the Copa del Rey. According to the newspaper Marca, Barcelona is looking for a substitute to face the second part of the season.With all this, the Blaugrana team accumulates problems after the elimination in the Super Cup and the club’s decision to find a substitute for their coach Ernesto Valverde.last_img read more

Bale left in 82 ‘, with Madrid struggling to overcome

first_imgGareth Bale (30 years old) left Santiago Bernabéu before the end of the match against the Royal Society, in which Real Madrid was eliminated in the Copa del Rey. AS hunted in Welsh by leaving the white stadium in the 82nd minute.At that moment, Zidane’s team was 1-4 below on the scoreboard. Therefore, Bale missed 2-4, 3-4 and the latest attempts to force the extension of his teammates, who touched the draw. The one of the Real Sociedad is the fourth consecutive meeting in which Cardiff does not enter the plans of his coach, the first two by injury and the last two by technical decision. eleven Bale’s fifth gear before the end this seasonBale del Bernabéu’s departure before the end of a match is a usual gesture in ’11’. An example of just over a year ago was January 7, 2019, precisely before the Royal Society. He was seen leaving the compound in minute 78, although the internal regime code only allows Madrid players to do so after 80 ‘.Closer in time are your marches from December 7, 2019, in the 80 ‘, with 2-0 in favor against Espanyol; or that of the visit of Seville, on January 18, in 82 ‘, in what was his letter once acting like this this season. Today came the fifth …last_img read more

Ronaldo’s instinct to excel as a footballer and as an entrepreneur

first_imgRonaldo Nazário is considered one of the best strikers in history. However, its beginnings were quite different; his first experience with a ball in his feet was as a futsal goalkeeper and at the age of nine. “We have to adapt to our reality and look for the best option,” said the Brazilian in an interview in Forbes Brazil from his home in Valladolid. Before the hundreds of children with whom he shared evidence, he explained, and seeing that there were only two gatekeepers, he decided to try it in that position. He passed the test and a week later, determinedly, he spoke to his coach and asked him to play later.“Since I was little I knew that I was going to have to overcome many obstacles along the way and that many people were going to try to make me give up. My passion for soccer made me keep going and seek to fulfill my goal,” said the president of Real Valladolid, who recalled their beginnings with Cruzeiro in the Mineiro Championship with 16 years, only one after arriving at the club, as well as his jump to Europe in the 90s, after being with the Brazilian team in the ’94 World Cup.Few days ago 20 years, against Lazio, in the ranks of Inter Milan, he had his first serious knee injury, a rupture of the patellar tendon that caused it to remove its most resilient side. “In my first season at Inter I started suffering from chronic tendinitis, I went to the operating room to make a suture in a cracked part and, on my return, I was injured in that game. I became desperate; my head was going too fast, I thought I was putting my future at risk, I was very young and everything I struggled to get there and suffer that, unprecedented in the world of football, made them not know if I was going to return, “he said.Indeed, his sports career was at risk to the point that they told him he would be lucky if he could walk again: “The recovery was very difficult. In the eighth month, I went to one of the best specialists in Orlando and he told me that I would have to undergo surgery to hopefully have a normal life, but without doing high-performance sports.” Following the advice of Gérard Saillant, a doctor who had operated on him in the first instance, he spent four months recovering in a rehabilitation center in France and, after almost two years, following his instinct for self-improvement, he returned to play.“For a professional athlete it is a long time. When you go back to training, muscular problems appear. And even so, I had confidence in the doctor and in the knee. I had a lot of strength. I did not know the strength that I had within me to recover it; dramatic, but live it … I spent two months in the same position, but at no time did I think about giving up. I had to keep fighting for my dream, “Ronaldo continued explaining. His experience as an entrepreneurRonaldo landed in September 2018 in Valladolid (from where he attended Forbes, after moving from Madrid), but previously had other experiences that helped him become the businessman he is today, in sports marketing in Brazil and in the Fort Lauderdale Strikes of American football. As “the budget was very small, with 25 million debt”, when he arrived he didn’t have much leeway, so “before thinking about the workforce”, he thought about the management team that he formed after acquiring that 51% of the shares in exchange for 30 million euros (currently manages 82% of the total). Gabriel Lima, Matthieu Fenaert and David Espinar have been his strong men ever since in this “incredible experience”, from those who have developed their club plan, while they continued “betting on the team that went to the First Division” and the team achieved salvation.“Things improved a lot then, because we had time to plan what Real Valladolid would be. We have made a reform with the elimination of the pit, the changing rooms … We did a big renovation in the stadium for our fans“said Ronaldo, who highlighted the history of the club and all the work” that remains to be done. “Make “history in Valladolid”Among Ronaldo’s main projects in Valladolid is the negotiation with the City Council for the purchase of the stadium, which he considers important in understanding that they can “exploit the stadium’s capacity much better and the possibility that it will be an important part of the city,” the president explained.It also recognized that the negotiation of the transfer of the land of the sports city is “ending”: “It is the most important thing we have to do. The current structure is very discreet, let’s say it like this; it is not what First Division players deserve. We are finishing all the paperwork, the bureaucratic procedures that have to be done because it is a public concession. We already have the money to build the training center, which today serves 600 children and which we hope will host more than 3,000. “With pride, the maximum shareholder blanquivioleta stressed that Pucela is “the club with the lowest debt in the Spanish League”, although it is well known that it does not conform. His ambition is “to make history at Real Valladolid”, something for which he has a special impulse. “I feel unconditional support from the fans and the city. It gives me much more strength to carry out the objectives, “concluded Ronaldo.last_img read more

Upamecano wants to be Ramos

first_imgFor Dayotchanculle Oswald Upamecano (Évreux, 10-27-1988) There is a model to follow and it is the one that Sergio Ramos marks. Culé’s friend since childhood Ousmane Dembelé, with whom he played games in the Madeleine neighborhood, a demographically African neighborhood (in fact, the Upamecano family is originally from Guinea-Bisau). There, among his neighbors, he forged his competitive mentality. “We had two and three hour tournaments that were very hard”, explained Upamecano himself in early 2019 in an interview in the magazine So Foot. Matches not suitable for anyone, recognized Upa (as many of his friends know him). That is why it is striking who thinks he could manage there and be a winner: Sergio Ramos. “For me, Ramos is the best defender in the world. At the beginning I played in all positions and when they fixed me as central I started to observe him a lot. His personality is special and that’s why I think he could be very comfortable in those tournaments that we rode at Madeleine … “, recounted the defender from Leipzig. “Especially, what I love about Sergio is his game“The camero is the central defender who inspires Upamecano and could be an incentive to convince him to sign for Madrid, although the new French talent draws much attention from other experts in the guild related to Bayern. Thomas Helmer, ex-central of the Bavarian club (from 1992 to 1999), recently blessed him in Germany sweeping towards Munich: “The boy He would fit in at Bayern because he is a super player, physically very strong and incredibly fast.” Upamecano aims very high.last_img read more

The Mayor of Vitoria offers Mendizorroza in case the Cup final is played in the short term

first_imgUEFA urges national competitions to resolve the leagues and cups as soon as possible and the identity of the clubs that will play next year in European competitions will be known soon. And the return protocol in Spain has already started. Real Sociedad and Athletic are waiting.The people of San Sebastian have a guaranteed place (right now in the Champions League) but Athletic does not. And the way to enter the Europa League is by winning the final of the Copa del Rey because, otherwise, the seventh place in the league would enter. In that sense, it is in the lions’ best interests to play it anytime soon. The two teams want to play with the public but that cannot happen until 2021 according to all indications. Seville already has the rights to the final in the coming years but, if there are no fan movements, there will be no income. Also, playing in the middle of the summer in the Seville capital does not seem to be the best of ideas.If the return to the league competition is a success, it should not be ruled out that this definitive match was resolved this summer and that is where Mendizorroza’s option has taken shape. It is a neutral course, close to the two cities involved, and perfect for playing without an audience. At this point, neither the Spanish Federation nor the affected clubs have contacted Alavés or the Vitoria city council.The consistory is the owner of the facility and its mayor, Gorka Urtaran, offered yesterday Thursday when he said that “the ideal would be for a game like this to be held with the presence of the two fans but, as things stand, our stadium could be a good option. ” The first mayor of the city makes the field available to the organization.last_img read more

Theo Hernández: “To be like Bale? We will see what the future holds”

first_imgThe Frenchman has given an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport recounting how his first months in Milan and his future have been. The conjunThe Italian paid € 20M to Madrid and from Italy they already say that they were few. Their numbers guarantee it: 6 goals in 25 games. In addition, three assists. Season at Milan: “It has been a very important year for me. I have adapted very quickly to a new championship and to the pressure of a great club. The confidence, the help of my teammates and the affection that our fans give me are essential”Stop due to coronavirus: “I work day by day to be able to offer Milan my best version when we play again. It is a difficult moment for everyone, I took it with resignation.”Quick adaptation: “It is mainly thanks to the daily work, and immediately I had the feeling of having fully adapted to everything around me. I think of the team in general, of my colleagues on and off the pitch, the city, the culture of a new country, club and leisure philosophy. All these factors together have helped improve my numbers. “ Go from side to end as Bale: “I am still very young and I have room to grow. We will see what the future holds. Here I have everything I need to do well, it depends on me and my work.”Being a benchmark in the field: “I still lack many games and especially the experience to be able to say that I am a leader. I feel important in a great team and this fills me with confidence.”Words for Deschamps for the call with France: “I will work to deserve a place in the French national team and be ready for the Euro Cup.”Coach Pioli’s maximum support: “His confidence is decisive. Being in a great club and having the opportunity to learn from the best is one of the aspects that I appreciate the most.”Objectives at Milan: “I want to return Milan to where it deserves for its history and its followers.”Opinion on Maldini: “He has always been a reference for me. All who would like to reflect on a character like him, have lived a glorious career and represent Milan. When you have a champion in front of you, there is little to think about. I am happy that he and her son Daniel have recovered. “ Sharing costumes with Ibrahimovic: “Being in contact with Zlatan is a gift, an opportunity to improve together with one of the best players in the world.”center_img Theo Hernández has found its habitat in the Milan. At 22, he has amazed Serie A for his offensive ability from the left side of the Rossonero team. His adaptation has been quick, after his time at Real Sociedad, on loan from the Real Madrid.last_img read more

Pebble, Barça’s compass

first_imgGuijarro arrived at Barça in 2015, at the age of 17 and a talent to be exploited. Coming from Collerense, the Balearic player ended up in La Masía being one of the young pearls of her generation. A diamond in the rough that soon found its place in the first team, having also exploded in the lower categories of the Selection. World Cup with the Absolute in France 2019, the year before it was the Ballon d’Or and the Golden Boot of the U-20 World Cup, where the Spanish team was runner-up.Among its most outstanding qualities is the vision of the game and its wide physical display, being decisive in arrivals in the opposite area. In this way, Patri Guijarro has a position of ‘6’, in which he moves the threads so that the Barca game will carbure and generate danger. For this reason, his profile has become one of the least essential for Lluís Cortés. A fact that makes her the fifth player in the Catalan first team with the most minutes this season, after having played a total of 2,012 ‘. Patri Guijarro has gone from promise to reality at Barça. The Balearic soccer player has thrown gallons in the Catalan team, so that without her, it would be impossible to understand the Barça game. At 21 years old, the one from Palma de Mallorca is a veteran in the team, in which she has been chosen as the fifth captain along with heavyweights from the dressing room as Marta Torrejón or Vicky Losada.Precisely the latter wanted to highlight Guijarro’s great talent just a few weeks ago. “Patri Guijarro is different. I think it will be the first Ballon d’Or. It reminds me of a Zidane. It has something innate. When you touch the ball something always happens. Patri is talented, is an example, is to have our feet on the ground. He has that aura, “said Vicky Losada on the YouTube program ‘El Patio’.last_img read more

Jovic returns with a broken right foot bone

first_imgFirst dangerous information for Actual Madrid within the try and return to the brand new regular: Luka Jovic (22 years outdated) is injured. ASTV He caught the Serb going to Valdebebas this Friday morning, one thing that was unusual as a result of he had already been on Wednesday to bear the COVID-19 check. The membership introduced within the early afternoon the explanation: he suffers an harm. The striker went to the white sports activities metropolis with extreme ache within the sole of the right foot. After being initially reviewed by the medical providers, the choice was made to submit him to particular exams to find out the precise extent of the discomfort. The outcome was that he suffers “an extraarticular fracture within the calcaneus bone of the right foot. Pending evolution”, as reported by Actual Madrid in a medical report. As AS has discovered, the accident occurred in Madrid, exercising the footballer in his house. The stipulated interval of absence is round two months. Jovic is conscious that it isn’t a minor situation, however he hopes to play once more in mid-July. Take into account that, after two months of lack of competitors for the break because of the coronavirus, he must add two extra for this harm, which exhibits that it’s going to want an necessary set-up. 18center_img The Champions, on the horizonThe date that the League shuffles to renew soccer, if there aren’t any insurmountable setbacks, is subsequent June 19, ending the match on Sunday, July 26. Jovic so It might attain the final days, however Zidane likes to reinstate the injured little or no by little. The intention of the tip could be to proceed choosing up tempo for August, in principle the month of the Champions League.Medical sources consulted by this newspaper clarify that any setback within the calcaneus is very sophisticated, since it’s a bone that helps all the load of the physique. Subsequently, they guarantee that, regardless of being an extra-articular fracture, it might probably take months within the infirmary. Within the overwhelming majority of circumstances, it normally outcomes from very acute trauma, not from a sprain.last_img read more