The website is three kinds of phenomena and measures K

this is the most serious, before they met friends said, the search engine of all K light hair, nothing left. It also often see online friends said that the solution is stable, update the high quality of the chain, actually do not what role, of course, if you persevere, persist in a year or so, may be moved by the love of Shanghai or Google. I sleep on the station before K method used directly for the new domain name, or can speak with WWW analysis to WWW domain name, also can rebind a domain name to the site, in fact, is to let the search engine included a new domain name, when search engines, we again in exchange for the original domain name was K. In a word, I have a new domain name, equivalent to reject all search engines crawl my site. read more

Note to talk about their own summary in operation station group at


in recent years, with the development of Internet technology, search engine optimization of industry competition, Shanghai Longfeng exploration shortcut, and search engine is also in progress, can not ignore its intelligence, at present, in distinguishing >

station group characteristics is not obvious, we are not aware of, one base station sites to search engines will not be found, but subtle base station sites related to each other, each other in weight. This is features an excellent station group. How to do this? First of all in the domain name registration information should reflect the difference; secondly, many owners in order to save the time and cost of capital will choose some.Ifo as the domain name as the station site domain name, as the station group administrator’s personal webmaster different suggestions to this practice, made a vivid metaphor, like the Webmaster Station Group many of its resources in a large warehouse, warehouse fire in the warehouse, things will be spared, burned, and the station group is the same concept, once the search engine to find a station group was identified as spam sites, then the station will be affected, the worst case is all K. Just as the 2011 nobility baby all search engine website, like removing suffix completely blocked, so the station group collective operations, should also pay attention to the difference. read more

The three stages of website optimization promotion

in addition to specific learning, should be attention to their time, energy and wisdom all gathered in Shanghai Longfeng above, to maximize the initiative and creativity. How do the focus of Shanghai dragon, mainly to do three things:

, to focus on the long tail keywords content. Long tail keywords can help improve the rankings, also can bring a steady flow. So, to focus on the long tail keywords, as is not to the original, but not too important, it is important content to do fine, the only way to gain the ideal results. read more

Tumblr’s six years of growth from one person to 100 millionThe higher the ranking the more valua

is actually a lot of people are considering using this method, 100M virtual space only a few dozen yuan a year, the domain name cn is a piece of money or buy, the overall cost of less than 100 yuan, you can set up a station within a day, if you set up a month, a conservative estimate there 20 or so, so if each station can do offline, at least 400 yuan of income.

cooperation with the deepening of recent Ali mother launched a series of activities, the recommended plan based in an army of ants on the site, according to Alexa website ranking represents recommended value, as long as the Alexa in the global ranking 5 million within the site, recommended that prizes, each 20 yuan or by accounting, if ranked 1 million less than an increase of 5 yuan, the total reached 25 yuan, if it can be recommended to the global ranking 500 thousand within the station, you can get a bonus of 30 yuan one-time recommended. read more

How to find out the cause and solving method causes site


maybe you spend a lot of thought, maybe you used a lot of time, you may have good intentions, but you may inadvertently make a big mistake. It is in order to make our website and give them a better first impression, win customers favor, so too much load picture ah ah, animation and so on, yes, may look pretty cool. However, if so let your website becomes the snail, and even cause the browser crashes, it is recommended that you remove these fancy, just quickly modified it, don’t give your site so much load, let him move. Now this fancy speed era, not many people are willing to take the time to wait. read more

Now can also share method to improve website weight and spider crawling

2. for Google, it will look at the PR to identify the value of the site and weight. If the high PR website, Google spider will crawl, turn to low PR content site. The higher the weight of the site, the spider crawling to the opportunity will be bigger. If a high weight of the site links to your site, then the spider will soon find your website, and give priority to grab your content. At the same time, if high weight website links to your site, relatively speaking will also give you the site outside the chain of high weight. So, a lot of new beginning are desperately looking for some high PR website to do Links or buy links. read more

Keywords SEM user behavior analysis in search

press click on user fees. The optimization way of Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Friendly), refers to according to the characteristics of the search engine index, rational planning of angle of the structure of the site, content construction scheme, user interactive communication, make the site more suitable for search engines to retrieveprinciples, so through the Shanghai dragon can make the site more easily indexed by search engines and the ranking.

concept and mode of operation of Comparison of read more

Methods of avoiding secret stations six misunderstandings in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

! !

: prevent all the content of the website is the same, a lot of people do stand webmaster don’t have much time to do the original content, and even some of them are not willing to engage in false original, all the contents of the site are done through the same acquisition rules, structure and content of the website that the similarity of nearly ninety-nine percent. The natural site is easy to search engine recognition, so the content of construction, we must make false original, spend more time, let the website content difference to reach more than fifty percent to read more

Three ways to solve the soft reprint link has been tampered with

others of the article itself is immoral, but also a kind of illegal behavior, hope the webmaster friends do not for their own selfish unscrupulous stealing someone else’s original article, that the acts of theft not only damage to the original author, but also with the search engine algorithm upgrade, will cause the thief of course, as a moral damage, "

The role of the soft

with love Shanghai library for copyright attention, I believe more and more owners have begun to pay attention to their own copyright, if you find yourself site article most are stolen, under normal circumstances, as long as you communicate with them, they will immediately delete these infringing articles, and through these to the forum moderators report also, to let them pay attention to the theft of the published account, in the future they will steal more and more difficult, the effect will be more obvious read more

Now the Shanghai dragon and the Shanghai dragon

marketing has its own attributes, the concept of today’s Shanghai dragon from before we all know the slowly changing, properties of the product itself is also undergoing a subtle change. We look at the comparison:

4. in Shanghai and Phoenix are the experience in power, you just for a regular algorithm in operation rather than a public rule. Now the law has been changed to a more simple and crude, a fresh approach has.

3. it is known for many years in a concept that Shanghai dragon is free flow. In fact, the so-called free flow is not only based on the entrance paid for the tickets, but don’t forget to go to the attractions you put in the way of travel and accommodation. So today, we recommended to become more return flow, as long as put more time and money to get back, and not the real meaning of free traffic. read more

Several effective methods of mining industry is the main noun keywords of the original article


original article has been one of the most troublesome problem, I believe that every webmaster have to do their own original article cheats, I have done many years of site, today and share some of my own to write original articles several ideas. The main keywords of an industry, generally is a noun, such as instant noodles, umbrellas, chairs. Here with the instant noodles industry as an example. Below I dig the product attributes of instant noodles.

is the three major factors of instant noodles production, is necessary for raw materials, equipment and production workers (production technology). read more

How one by one investigation website keywords ranking suddenly drop

exclusion reasons: Although there are some articles using Edit >

was the first to introduce me to the operation station in

December 2nd morning check, in addition to popular word in the home, other long tail words and popular words are ranked out, really need to carefully check the reasons! Find the cause, because there is a rising trend and has been ranked the stable for more than a week yesterday, so get rid of optimizing actions a week ago may be adverse the effects of the problem should appear in this week, I mainly to the investigation from the following aspects: read more

Several companies talk about my station was K how to restore ranking

the above three problems is the author of several sites were initially diagnosed K, a general station caused by many K factors, such as host, content collection, web copy etc.. As in the end is not because these factors caused by power is not very clear, after all, site optimization techniques have many kinds, black and white are, as long as can be ranked, any means cannot be excluded. To solve these problems, the author also started to optimize.

first, to be K site, whether it is business or station to various sites (such as Taobao, the first railway station) appear similar to the above problems, the author think, largely because of too much junk content, lead spider crawl, then fell in love with the sea was judged as spam sites, natural snapshot it is not updated. In the case of increasing the chain, that spider patronage site frequency is very high, which you can download web log to see. Since there is so much junk content, and these content and not spiders love something, of course, need to delete. However, there is a problem. read more

The founder of vision enterprise website construction of Shanghai dragon three golden laws and preci


              before writing a "founder Visual Web: how to communicate effectively" to tell you the time to talk about the website what should be done. The site down, to make the work, then Shanghai dragon enterprise website construction to planning ahead, otherwise once found change when the problem again, the cost will not increase. Once a friend made a website, the website has been done for half a year, keywords are beginning to have found that ranking, website page title is too long, Shanghai is the best search results display title is not complete, there is no way, he changed the title, the result is the page snapshot backwards, keywords ranking drop. Another example is that a friend is doing health care, and found that his site in a stable, long tail keywords website is not stable, because page similarity is too high, the list of data, too much boilerplate text, no matter if the long-term, will soon be competitors catch up, be eliminated. If the process of enterprise website construction found in the path of the problem is even more trouble, so the site keywords life cycle will become shorter. So, how to avoid the rework site later? We need to make a plan before pre production sites, three of the following criteria are to talk about visual programming, for discussion! read more

Detection results analysis of the example of Shanghai lovelessness snapshot

site query is normal, but the webmaster tools query really is not love Shanghai snapshot, which makes us very depressed, but through the analysis of ranking of our website does fall, you may fall in love with the sea is really on the site down the right, from which I summed up several reasons, may lead to the following points reason:

2, website content is involved in

we can see, the query results show loveless Shanghai snapshot, but others included and love Shanghai weight, have not changed, below we look at the results of the query by love to take a look, as shown below: read more

Search engine optimization Shanghai dragon and micro blog SNS common marketing

Since micro-blog since the birth of

1, now Chinese are Sina and micro-blog QQ, Chinese is the largest user of micro-blog platform, but the difference of the user population is relatively large, Sina micro-blog to white-collar workers and celebrities, QQ and micro-blog are mainly young people and students, but if you do need to know what is the mainstream micro-blog micro platform, now generally Sina, micro-blog, QQ, micro-blog, micro-blog, so do the general marketing people is to use these platforms, but the other big door platform of micro-blog can also register for an account, such as NetEase, search etc.. read more

Share the most popular website in Shanghai dragon manipulation

two, Sohu. Sohu micro-blog do long term effect is really very powerful, fast to 10 minutes, the long tail word can love on the first page of Shanghai. One minute registered micro-blog account, two minutes of content simply fill in one minute, do the chain, leaving 6 minutes for the collection. Oh, isn’t it amazing, after 10 minutes, see the long tail word ranking. This is the most awesome way, but not in the long run, Shanghai has estimated love found this phenomenon, may be developed filtering program. Maybe the next update time, see these disappeared. read more

Search engine how to judge the relevance of the links and connecting the site

what is the relevance of the website? A simple correlation is refers to the title and content, and the degree of correlation. If the title inside some key words, and there is no page content, this is not relevant. Just request Title keywords page contains content is not enough, this does not mean that is related to the need to contain the keyword Title occupies the main position in the content inside.

For example

civilization blog in the optimization of the chain, wrote an article about the "Overview" network marketing problems of the bathroom industry, the suddenly mentioned the word "network marketing", and the civilization of the theme of the blog page contains a network marketing problems, and I naturally made a hyperlink to the blog page, this is a correlation, only that the correlation is not very high; if I say the "bathroom" link to the blog, it is tantamount to cheating, cry up wine and sell vinegar, self-evident consequences. read more

The analysis of Shanghai Longfeng case green health Shanghai Longfeng mall project

title search


target site: love Shanghai green health mall

Chart 1

2. search Ejiao don’t know why forced to jump to the ginseng, and the station, search the product page without any keywords, many portal site search box is according to the relevant call form a user spontaneously formed keyword column.

is the first time to the interview in March: at that time it was 1 men, no man at my evaluation of their company behind the red, gray, next to HR no comments and suggestions, and then I told a beauty HR shook hands, the story ends. read more

Shanghai dragon three big misunderstanding of a detailed novice

1, many novice learning Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng once dragon, think you know a lot, don’t think Shanghai dragon have any difficulties, keyword optimization index from the beginning, even the optimization index thousands of words, this is actually very unrealistic. Everything should start small. Not to mention the index words even Shanghai dragon Er master are very difficult to do.

4, is unable to adhere to the Shanghai dragon Er workers the biggest drawbacks, the website ranking drop, drop right, included reducing, writing outside the chain too tired and so on are likely to be the reason to give up. Here to give you a friendly advice: if you really think Shanghai Longfeng own inappropriate, or can not stand the loneliness in early industry maybe for you is a good. read more