The new site can’t find home solutions

three. To write high quality articles, the author believe this is the weight > can write out

if a home site site in the search engine to the first page you can’t find it, it is very likely that the site is down right now but a lot of new sites often appear in this situation. The new station is not the same with the old railway station, this is not because the site is down right, but the weight of home page this is usually not enough. The emergence of new sites in Google.

two. The increase of the chain resources: new sites included in the can after is Links exchange with other sites, if you already have some websites that can be linked to each other. Have no resources, can also be used with the usual meeting site to exchange, which requires more friends is that friends this is the way the truth about every day. Also need new exchange, everyone is a new exchange difficulty also is not so big. It is not out of Nirvana, their own money to buy a few high quality of the chain. The chain has been an important means to increase the weights of the website. It must be in this effort. read more

To experience the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile phone SMS reminder tool convenience

this morning, let me to experience the convenience of mobile phone short message reminder function, is on the train to work suddenly received a text message, open a look at the original love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder, the mobile phone SMS contents as shown below:

love Shanghai official Webmaster Platform released by < message reminder tools > the way of receiving mail, SMS, mobile phone log in directly to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform into view message reminder. According to the official introduction of perfect information, can be obtained through the above several website exception message reminder, but I received in the last message reminder in addition to direct mail login view and receive alerts when the mobile phone did not receive SMS alerts, then I am really a bit puzzled love difference Shanghai official is going to specially in the QQ group to discuss with you this time, we are saying that the instrument almost, just on the line soon, many places also need to continuously optimize the think it is. read more

Case analysis find out the worst landing page

1, and no business related to the same source


because these items are some maintenance projects a long time ago, so far, there are a lot of problems in the site of the landing page, resulting in the visitor can not meet the needs of.

technical and usability problems users?

you to clear a little content, no matter what you are engaged in what industry site optimization, the final customer you have to face the user, so from the user’s perspective, what is the first landing page they want? Price? Focus on priority? Or focus on products to find potential language user display?: read more

4 25 love Shanghai earthquake chain

in my opinion, the two is particularly important, we must pay attention to, so rational, love Shanghai each push Xindu is to progress, we must from the perspective of the Internet to analyze.

, the introduction of the new Shanghai love judgment chain is normal only principle: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. Saying this sentence I read a dozen times and I still didn’t know the meaning of love in Shanghai, this statement is ready to accept either course, leaving the bottom or directly into the bottom part of the means. Shanghai love you this "veiled" attitude is really funny. read more

Local real estate network how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

first analyzes 3 basic elements of the website, found a large number of keyword stack phenomenon, so the title, keywords, description have been changed, the main keyword keyword is mainly several common XX, what the real estate network, Taicang real estate network, the Taicang real estate information network, the website has snapshot update, but snapshot rankings have not come and update.

said the new local real estate in addition to weight with a little master, want to quickly improve website weight is nothing more than Links, Links for love Shanghai ranking effect is also very good. At present, as far as possible with the increase in the number of 2 a day, the goal is to increase to about 30. read more

Love Shanghai algorithm fast update Shanghai Longfeng workers how to deal with

according to the latest foreign reports, Google’s algorithm has been from the past week to change more, this greatly improved the speed of Google update algorithm, the same for a lot of Google’s Shanghai dragon brings great influence on workers. Line to Google as the largest search engine platform love Shanghai has begun in the technology, is the second largest high technology platform currently behind Google algorithm, the algorithm updates the love Shanghai from the past month, quickly switched to the week, even in the near future, more will begin to turn into reality, in this context, how to deal with the Shanghai dragon workers became a very crucial thing. read more

After the relocation work site optimization

above is not understand some views about the site after the move, also will go to do this, of course, in addition to these, the most important fact or a stick, if only three days fishing nets two days of drying attitude to perform, so let the site closed, this is easy, success is derived from the network your persistence! Finally.

The construction of the chain of

when some friends may move will associate the revision of the idea, anyway, have effect of moving, or simply a revision, so that the next time will not need to change; in fact this idea is wrong, the site moved to a certain extent, will affect the site itself in the search engine in the state, this time is to as far as possible to recoup their losses, and cannot be added to the revision of the impact, it will only make the web site in the search engine to a worse state, so, move the first point to note is that the data structure, the overall site don’t change, to avoid too many dead links. read more

Chinese segmentation technology analysis of the aristocratic baby

, a noble baby Chinese search results

do you think noble baby (Google) is a powerful love Shanghai? (Baidu) on the nobility, baby can be found. Yes, but that is only limited to the English, or other foreign search. When using Chinese search. The two is really noble baby. Don’t believe the sea will take you to see me today the search results, you can try it yourself, this let me determined to love Shanghai, soso, Sogou search engine to search domestic Chinese, Chinese baby does not find aristocratic ye. read more

According to user needs to give the site a soul


keyword we usually say is part of the title of the website. The selection of key words is often the user demand. For example, search Dongguan website optimization keywords the keywords, itself has no value, but the needs of the user through the search engine search keywords, this is given a value, the more people search more value. On the contrary, not more people search the key words, the key is user demand, exactly the needs of the user, it appears the keyword value.

so that the second step is that the website title is to solve the user needs as the premise of setting, is consistent with the optimization of site location ranking. read more

A web site search keywords will English why Chinese ranked second home

on the two: whether this site was hung black chain using the webmaster tools to detect client website source code, did not find the program hanging links about a Chinese keyword.

on the three: see through a webmaster tools website chain enter the website domain name, the results came out, a total of 7 links to this English website, look at the name of the link, the original is the Chinese keyword, all links to web page.

note: this problem is a small saw in May 10th, ranking second page (Encyclopedia below), the website ranking in 21, it is noted. read more

Another perspective Shanghai dragon is actually not so important

look at some large web sites above, not all sites are suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as Taobao, micro-blog, Alibaba, renren贵族宝贝 and so on, because they are independent of the vertical search services, and some personal information related to personal privacy, web sites do not need to submit the information to the user through the search engine, but also input the URL into the website directly, does not need the help of the third party website search engine to retrieve information. read more

After the number of site outside the chain increased three measures to quickly solve problems

so far, there are many sites outside the chain surge phenomenon, outside chain jumped after the site has a lot of love Shanghai is down right, there are many websites weights rise, of course this is rarely the case appears, because most of the chain surge after all of low quality junk outside the chain, so the possibility of rising weight is very small, unless the chain jumped after the station is very serious to do outside the chain of high quality. So, in the face of the surge of the chain, the site began to appear a variety of problems, the owners how to do it? In fact, webmaster now do not need to think too much, because of love for Shanghai are abnormal chain surge three measures. At the same time, A5 also hope that the majority of owners encounter marketing site outside the chain increased the traffic anomaly, can refer to the solution given by the love of Shanghai. In addition, if your site appears right down, no ranking, traffic anomaly, unable to break through the bottleneck, through the A5 station network characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) comprehensive diagnosis of the site to site service, away from the disease problems! A5 diagnosis consulting engineer, the enterprise qq:800017899! What are the love of Shanghai: read more

Five keywords Shanghai dragon to test your ability

Four, If the

I started Shanghai dragon saw the first word is initially saw Shanghai dragon why Cardiff only a word about the meaning of this sentence is Shanghai dragon execution. The first half of Shanghai dragon execution that I have experience greatly. Whether do optimization or do anything, action is the most basic, no execution almost no everything. Whether it is Shanghai dragon today’s rookie Shanghai Longfeng Daniel, they could not every day boasted of his optimization technique, I believe each Shanghai dragon Er personnel to succeed, then the Shanghai dragon is the first element of execution. A: do you have? The score of 30, you can have your grades. read more

A new station on the line not too frequently change the title

new snapshot As long as the

is a web site update frequency high a lot of people think that is the key to weight a, many owners think so, but for two years in Shanghai Longfeng, in fact this snapshot and weight does not matter much, but can keep the website updated snapshot, a new snapshot, the search engine will visit you grab your high frequency then, a thing to see website search engine, search engine every day to visit the site, we first by default, at least love website search engine.

into the webmaster circle all know a word, content is king, so a good website, content is the priority among priorities, a regular update of high quality original content website, no matter at which position the user experience, users have to be seen as a search engine, more. Needless to say, love the original content of the habit has not changed, the user experience high > read more

Choose the six elements of the web site keywords

6, the selection of key words to consider the location of

4, seasonal key words

1, with the name of the company and service named

in the choice of key words, as far as possible to choose the long tail key words. Because the purpose of this traffic is relatively strong, and also more likely to become customers.

come to Fuzhou Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon fz贵族宝贝 address: www., please indicate the source.

if you are clockwise to the Fujian area, in the choice of key words and key words in front plus Fujian. For example, your website is the website construction, can be in the choice of construction sites in Fujian, it will not only reduce competition, but also makes the target more accurately. read more

Depth analysis of chain operator mistakes

3, do , please indicate the source!


, the chain number the better

keywords description text links, less URL, less of 2 the same URL links or description text links on the same page, from right down punishment.

search engine to force the chain operation becomes more and more refined, the webmaster want to survive in the industry must continue to do a word "fine" in the first A5, from Hubei Cheng Li group released the original 贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝

I think this is 80% of all think so, according to the adjustment of the search engine has given the weight of high quality, multi link. Here to remind a one-time new sites don’t add too much station links, so easy to be considered cheating. The webmaster should get rid of the traditional single chain, such as the number of ideas, focus on the site of scarce resources (A5 publication) outside the chain to avoid the search engine chain algorithm caused by change of right down. read more

Results Beidou mobile phone network CPS activity on line The voice of a web designer in Wuhan

‘s confusion at work

! >

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

advertising link address:

Lenovo rookie 2.9 big screen slider game mobile phone

firm confidence,

BANNER advertising language: Lenovo Mobile Phone rookie, high-end low-cost big broadcast! Big screen, fashionable slider

2, Sony Ericsson W300C


has a chance to change to a network administrator’s work, the company has a proof of income, with the help of parents. Make a small house. Having a baby. But the enterprise network administrator, after all, is not a professional it company. And it’s a company that doesn’t directly make money with the company. In the company to work for more than two years, wages are not good, I feel I can not get along any longer, and have to do something professional. But now out, Wuhan network recruitment company and many more requirements, proficient in css+div, proficient in flash, high-grade design ability, and wages will not be high. Finally understand alone do "work in the company by" hunfanchi really difficult. Technically difficult to progress. Money is not enough for the family. read more

After 90 Entrepreneurs will not spend 10 million to buy Papi sauce adSun Hongbin Jia Yueting’s mu

these two days, about the latest news and music: Li Jiacheng’s music to the public enterprise debt.

Papi sauce is made of users sought for its funny Tucao short video, homemade short video content provided mode similar to the early "beast called Yi xing". But none of the Papi’s 8 million fans are paid, and no one knows if they’re willing to pay for the Papi sauce. In contrast, it is poison. The poison is the first live YY platform, until today, poison live real-time viewing number can still reach millions, "YY does not fall, with drugs to the old slogan scattered in every corner of the barrage, fans of hundreds of thousands of dollars gift only in exchange for a high cold" thank you". People familiar with the ecology of the YY anchor once told me that poisons bring at least millions of cash streams to YY every month, which is a veritable "money making machine" read more

Entrepreneurship guide Cao Cao fortune history understand these three points you earnedPost Crisis


in the $4 million financing for start-up seed and angel >

he won the first batch of angel investment from his capital: Xunyu, Xunyou, Guo Jia led Yingchuan Xuchang advisers group for his economic revitalization efforts, to develop business development plans for him.

If the

finally, we divide this dataset into two distinct time periods:

‘s final analysis tells us:

in order to answer this question, we used data from more than 4400 US companies that conducted angel or seed round financing between 2004 and the end of 2014. We have filtered out capital intensive industries such as life sciences, petrochemicals, exploration and hardware, and we haven’t calculated companies with less than $25000 in funding before the A round. read more

Wangzhuan home network for enlightenment marketing advanced training courseBuilding website brand pl

second chapter why does network competitive bidding succeed?

      in the traditional economy, through the concept of transcendence and shaping the success examples of brands such as Super Girls’s plan, meet the eye everywhere, surpassing the old rules before television singer selection of naobaijin planning, talent shows itself; the courage to break through the traditional health products advertisement, "to this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin" slogan, the melatonin beyond the traditional health care advertising propaganda concept, and a gift directly into the camp, let a person think of mentioned gift melatonin, which is the brand! read more