Man Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Lamp, Taking Child During Domestic

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Stock Image.JAMESTOWN – A City of Jamestown man was arrested Thursday afternoon after allegedly violating a stay away order of protection during a domestic dispute on Prospect Street.Jamestown Police say James Tuttle, 31, allegedly violated the order and smashed a lamp belonging to the victim during the 2 p.m. dispute.Furthermore, officers say that Tuttle left the scene with a 3-year-old girl when he ran into the back yard in an attempt to avoid responding police.Officers report Tuttle was eventually taken into custody without incident. Tuttle is charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief, second-degree criminal contempt and endangering the welfare of a child. Officers say he was held in city jail.Police report Tuttle additional had outstanding arrest warrants.last_img read more

An American in Paris Scribe Craig Lucas on Chatty Neighbors and What Makes Him Cranky

first_img An American in Paris View Comments Do you have a writing ritual?I feed the dogs and take them out. I drink my coffee. If I’m really up against a deadline, I will not even check my email. I generally do look at the email, though—it’s nice to get the fingers to start to work. [Fake typing.] “Thanks for thinking of me.” Or, “Oh, I’m sorry a tree fell on your house. God’s a sadist.” And then you’re already typing, so all you have to do is trick yourself into starting. That’s the only hard part.What playwright inspires you?What essential items do you like to have on hand when you write? I just need a computer. Not much else. I have to have a certain sense of play and of being troubled by a situation or a question. I can’t write into something I’m absolutely clear about. I think what you need is both passion and a little bit of disinterestedness. A little oh-f*ck-‘em-if-they-can’t-take-a-joke attitude. I think it helps to have a bit of contempt for conventional thinking. I’m so grateful to audiences, and I write to reach them, but there’s also a part of me that’s just mad at them. I go to the theater sometimes, and I think, “Oh, people!”What advice do you wish your younger self had followed or been given?I was not prepared for how much work you have to do all the time on everything. I don’t think I would have taken advice as a young man because I was so unformed and had so many things I had to get over. I was raised to believe that I was special and I didn’t have to work hard, and that’s just not true. But everything happens the way it does. Sometimes things that seemed terrible turn out to be the best things that ever happened.What was the biggest challenge in adapting such a well-loved movie?There’s no competing with the movie. I was fortunate that the producers really wanted to investigate what the movie didn’t unpack. It’s filled with clues: Why does Jerry stay in Europe? Why does Adam stay? Why is Lise not in love with Henri? Why was she hiding? What do the French make of these people who are embracing their city at such a difficult time?”What’s the reality of the typical writer’s Paris fantasy?For me the writer’s fantasy about Paris is true. Did you know there are more English bookstores in Paris than in Manhattan? One of the things that I loved about New York when I first moved here was all of the bookstores. They’re gone. So I’m cranky now. Paris is absolute heaven. Craig Lucas’ home in upstate New York is filled with sunlight, art, books, dogs and lots of laughter. He is warm, open and unceasingly generous to guests. (Which of the no fewer than four different types of milk would you like in your coffee?) The boxes under his desk (an organizing trick learned from Sondheim, natch) offer a glimpse at his immense and diverse body of work, which includes plays (Reckless, Blue Window, Small Tragedy, The Singing Forest, The Dying Gaul, Pulitzer finalist Prelude to a Kiss and more) as well as screenplays (Longtime Companion, The Secret Lives of Dentists) musicals (the book for The Light in the Piazza), and we haven’t yet mentioned his opera librettos, directing resume or that he started out as a Broadway chorus boy. Here, Lucas talks about his writing process, particularly for his Tony-nominated book for the new musical An American in Paris.What time of day do you get your best work done?The morning. Because of deadlines and the way that people tend to call after a certain hour, I get up really early. Mornings are good for me, but if I have to write at night, I will. With musicals, you’re out of town and they want the changes in the morning, so often I go back to the hotel and write late into the night.Do you write every day?No, but I feel better when I write. The hardest thing is doing a first draft. I have found that the less I say to other people about what I’m doing, the more the need to write comes out. Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 9, 2016 How did you feel having the Gershwins as your collaborators?Mike Strunsky [Ira Gershwin’s nephew and trustee] is fantastic. He loves these songs. He was such a champion of what we were doing. The other [Gershwins] were enthusiastic, but they’re very intimidating. They come in a big group and there are lawyers. I kept making jokes as is my wont. [Director] Chris Wheeldon finally slipped me this little note that said, “They don’t get your jokes.”What’s the secret to being so prolific? I’m really happy with the things I get to work on. Some weird thing happened: Everybody woke up on the same morning and said, “Get Lucas!” It started around 2011 and 2012. I was six years sober. I think my reputation for being a giant pain in the ass was starting to lift. How has your life as a writer changed since you got sober?I’m clear-headed. I’m not muddling through. I’m much better at listening to people’s suggestions. The producers on An American in Paris are smart and their notes are smart; you’d be stupid not to listen. I think as a young writer, I was like, “This is MINE! This is the way I wrote it!” Well, who cares? Steal a line from the usher! What play changed your life?What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about writing?It was from my teacher Anne Sexton. She gave me a recommendation to go to graduate school at Yale and I got in. Then she called me and said, “Don’t go! You are stubborn and you see things your own way.” That was really good advice. I wasn’t ready for graduate school. If I had been in that class with Chris Durang and Wendy [Wasserstein] and those people, I probably would have withered up and died of intimidation. I went off by myself and hung out in a dark corner for a while until I had a self.What’s the nitty, gritty hard work of being a playwright that no one ever told you?It’s very hard for people to understand that when you’re home, you’re working. My neighbors come to the door all the time just to chat. I’m like, “I’m working.” And they’re like, “OK. Can I come in?”What’s something aspiring playwrights should do, see or know?They should know that when I finished my play Reckless, I sent it to a very famous Tony-winning director, who wrote me back and said, “This play makes no sense at all.” I have saved this note. I didn’t give up, but I did get an ally. I met a young director who was my age and liked my work, so I had another person to keep me from jumping off of a building. Find people who are at your stage of development instead of trying to get your play to Joe Mantello or some other high-powered director. Develop an aesthetic with your friends. That worked for me.What’s your favorite line in An American in Paris?last_img read more

People’s United Community Foundation awards $15,000 to local groups

first_imgThe People’s United Community Foundation, the philanthropic arm of People’s United Bank, announced today that it has awarded $10,000 to Habitat for Humanity International Inc. ‘ Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity, and has awarded $5,000 to the Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS).The Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity constructs simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with families who currently live in substandard and unsafe conditions and who have no possibility of obtaining a home through any conventional means.   ‘The donation from People’s United Community Foundation will assist in paying for infrastructure work on 11 acres of land in Manchester, Vermont on which 22 single-family homes will be built,’ noted Richard Malley, Executive Director of Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity. ‘We are pleased to be able to support Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity and their Jennifer Lane building project in Manchester,’ said Michael Seaver, Officer, People’s United Community Foundation, and President of People’s United Bank in Vermont.  ‘Quality housing is something all Vermonters need in order to raise their families.  Through this Habitat for Humanity project, 22 families are able to achieve this goal.’ COTSThe People’s United Community Foundation also announced today that it has awarded $5,000 to Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) for their Homeless Prevention program. The Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) provides emergency shelter, support services, and housing for people who are homeless or marginally housed in Vermont. COTS advocates for long-term solutions to end homelessness and believes: in the value and dignity of every human life; that housing is a fundamental human right; and that emergency shelter is not the solution to homelessness. In 2004, COTS began offering a limited Homelessness Prevention Fund that provided emergency, one-time grants to prevent people from losing their housing. As the need grew, the program evolved to keep up with the demand, and in October of 2008, this effort led to the creation of the Housing Resource Center (HRC) ‘ a ‘one stop shop’ for people seeking affordable housing and rental assistance. Often times low-income households end up in emergency shelters due to unforeseen events beyond their control, such as a job loss, unexpected medical bills or a major car repair.  HRC staff identifies individuals and families in financial trouble and links them with resources before they are evicted or face foreclosure action.  They also maintain an ongoing list of housing that is available for rent and work with a network of more than 50 landlords who rent to COTS clients.  In its first three years of operation, the HRC has helped 1,507 households with homeless prevention and security deposit grants and loans.  This represents 3,664 individuals, 1,542 of who are children. ‘We are so grateful for the support of People’s United Community Foundation,’ said Rita Markley, COTS Executive Director. ‘COTS will use the generous donation to help families and individuals avert the financial and personal devastation associated with homelessness.’center_img The Jennifer Lane project utilizes 11 acres of land on which 22 single-family homes will be built.  Eleven of the homes will be offered to families that earn no more than 60% of Bennington County’s median income, $37,000 for a family of four.  In addition, Bennington Area Habitat has partnered with Vermont Traditional Builders who will build 11 additional homes and will sell them at no profit to families that earn no more than 125% of the median income, $77,000 for a family of four.  The Jennifer Lane project helps families with no homeownership options and who have very few viable housing options to rent or purchase homes in or near Manchester.  ‘We are pleased to partner with COTS in their efforts to reduce homelessness’ said Michael Seaver, Officer, People’s United Community Foundation and President of People’s United Bank in Vermont.  ‘Just one small unforeseen event can cause job loss, foreclosure or the inability to pay for food or heat.  By supporting the Homeless Prevention program through COTS, we hope to provide stability for low-income individuals and families in Vermont.’ About People’s United Community FoundationEstablished in 2007, People’s United Community Foundation was formed to help support programs and activities that enhance the quality of life for citizens in the communities that People’s United Bank serves. With special emphasis on programs designed to promote economic self-sufficiency, education and improved conditions for low-income families and neighborhoods, the funding priorities of the Foundation include: community development, youth development, and affordable housing.About Bennington Area Habitat for HumanityTo learn more about the Jennifer Lane project, please contact is external), or call 802-367-1000.  The Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity affiliate has completed 12 homes and now provides housing for over 60 area residents.last_img read more

TVA closes last unit at Paradise coal plant in Kentucky

first_imgTVA closes last unit at Paradise coal plant in Kentucky FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Chattanooga Times Free Press:The Tennessee Valley Authority shut down the last operating unit at its Paradise Fossil Plant in Western Kentucky over the weekend, ending nearly 57 years of coal-fired generation at what was once one of the largest coal plants in TVA’s fleet.Despite opposition from President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the TVA board voted 5-2 last February to retire the last Paradise unit, along with the Bull Run Steam Plant near Oak Ridge by 2023. Due to a turbine rotor problem at Paradise and the relatively stagnant power demand for TVA this year, the utility decided to shutter Paradise Unit 3 this month rather than continue to invest in trying to keep the aging power facility online.TVA determined that it could generate or buy cheaper and cleaner power from other sources rather than continuing to rely upon its coal-fired unit on the Green River in Western Kentucky. The other two coal-fired units at Paradise were retired in 2017 and were replaced by a $1 billion combined-cycle natural gas plant which is capable of producing 1,025 megawatts of power.“Paradise was designed as a major baseload power generating facility, which we no longer need,” TVA spokesman Jim Hopson said Monday.The first two units of the Paradise began power generation in 1963, each with a generation capacity of 704 megawatts of electricity. At the time, they were the largest operating coal units in the world. But TVA shuttered those units in 2017 and invested $1 billion to replace the coal units with a gas-fired power plant, which continues to operate at Paradise.TVA has already shut down a majority of the 59 coal-fired units it once operated, cutting the share of its power generated by burning coal from nearly two-thirds of TVA’s generation in the 1980s to 17% of TVA’s generation in fiscal 2019, Hopson said.[Dave Flessner]More: TVA shutters last unit at Kentucky coal plantlast_img read more

Credit union employee helps catch a thief

first_img continue reading » 21SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Following an audit, a Louisiana woman was accused of allegedly stealing more than $10,000 from a credit union where she was employed, while an alert credit union employee in Florida helped police catch a woman running a fraudulent car loan scheme.Alyse Jones, 22, a former member service officer for the $269 million Carter Federal Credit Union in Springhill, La., was accused of stealing $10,670 from her cash drawer and from the credit union’s vault, according to Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator.Police said Jones attempted to cover up the theft by manipulating data on the credit union’s IT system to show that members withdrew the funds. But an audit uncovered the alleged crime and the credit union contacted police.  Following an investigation, Jones was charged with felony theft.last_img read more

2 injured in road crash

first_imgAccording to police investigation, Vastorand Pelagio were navigating the road when a motorcycle driven by Azer Lupines, 23,of Bingawan hit them. Vastor and Pelagio fell off their motorcycle. both sustained bruises after the crash. They received treatment at the CalinogDistrict Hospital. Lyod Vincent Vastor, 18, of BarangayCairo, Bingawan and Mamerta Pelagio, 68, of Barangay Aagba-o center_img Lupines, meanwhile, was unharmed. He wasbrought to the Bingawan police station, where he was detained./PN ILOILO City – The motorcycle they wereriding crashed against another in Barangay Agba-o, Bingawan, Iloilo.last_img read more

Ward and Quigley guaranteed medals

first_imgReigning European middleweight champion Jason Quigley secured Ireland’s first medal at the World Championships with a fine points win over Hungarian fourth seed Zoltan Harsca. Press Association And light-heavyweight Joe Ward joined Quigley in guaranteeing a medal when he won his bout against Russian third seed Nikita Ivanov, who was prevented from continuing after sustaining a cut in the first round. But heavyweight Tommy McCarthy lost a split decision to Argentina’s Yamil Peralta, and Olympic bronze medallist Michael Conlan went down to tough Russian Vladimir Nikitin at bantamweight. center_img Paddy Barnes lost a scrappy contest on points to Uzbekistan’s Jasurbek Latipov. Double Olympic bronze medallist Barnes, who had moved up from light-flyweight for the first time, suffered a cut in the first round of a bout in which both men were deducted a point for infringements. last_img read more

Broward Man Accused of Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Men

first_imgA Tamarac man is facing additional charges of kidnapping and sexual battery, following his recent arrest for allegedly sexually assaulting an unconscious man in a car.Authorities say that 51-year-old Javier Isaac Nepton was arrested last January for a sexual battery and kidnapping that occurred back in 2016, court records show.However, a second case has resulted in the latest charges, and a prosecutor hints there could be more coming.According to the arrest reports, the two incidents were similar. The men would be drinking in a Fort Lauderdale bar and would then suddenly black out.They would wake up feeling groggy in a parked car, while Nepton sexually assaulted them. Courtesy: Broward Sheriff’s OfficeThe men said they would lapse in and out of consciousness, unable to fight back, and add that they had not given their consent.The Broward Sheriff’s Office says one man was bitten and bruised, requiring him to receive care at a sexual assault treatment center.At Nepton’s court appearance on Saturday morning, a Broward County assistant state attorney said there had been “numerous recent incidents of similar behavior.”Meanwhile, the public defender responded that there was no proof the alleged victim in the latest incident had not given his consent and then had regretted the situation.Broward Judge John D. Fry set bonds totaling $255,000, although Nepton is already being held without bond for the previous kidnapping charge.last_img read more

The Latest: Two Kansas State student-athletes test positive

first_imgAccording to school protocol, each athlete will have to self-isolate for 10 days or be without fever for 72 hours without medication, whichever takes longer. The guidelines also include quarantine for anybody known to have been in contact with someone who tested positive.The athletic department’s new return-to-campus policy includes a recommended week-long, stay-at-home period prior to returning and quarantine upon arrival prior to testing. Student-athletes are not allowed inside any department facilities and can’t participate in any voluntary or required team activities until a negative test result is received.Although the university did not disclose what sports the student-athletes play, Athletics Director Gene Taylor said a small number of positive tests was anticipated based on what has happened across college football.___Kentucky has moved its football season opener against Eastern Michigan ahead two days to Sept. 3, avoiding a conflict with the rescheduled 146th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. June 16, 2020 Associated Press The Latest: Two Kansas State student-athletes test positive Guardiola says Walker made a “brave statement” about the effect the lockdown had on him and his family and adds “the human being always goes first before the football player.”Guardiola says there is no chance his players would be fully fit after only three weeks of training ahead of the restart and is worried about the risk of injuries.___Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone says an antibody test revealed he had COVID-19.Malone says in an interview with CBS4 in Denver he wasn’t feeling well shortly after the season was suspended March 11. He reached out to the team’s medical staff to be tested but no tests were available at the time. Malone says he had an antibody test around Memorial Day weekend. The hall of fame also plans new safety protocols in accordance with state and federal guidelines, including rigorous cleaning procedures, temperature checks for staff and guests, masks and additional hand sanitizing station throughout the museum.___Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says he will not hold Kyle Walker’s lockdown indiscretions against him when the Premier League resumes on Wednesday.Walker apologized for hosting a party at his home during the 100-day shutdown of the league because of the coronavirus outbreak. The England right back also said he was being “harassed” after acknowledging in a statement he breached lockdown rules to visit members of his family.Guardiola was asked if Walker’s actions affected his chances of being selected against Arsenal on the first day of the Premier League’s resumption. He says “I judge my players on what happen on the pitch.” Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___Kansas State confirmed Tuesday that two student-athletes have tested positive for COVID-19 out of approximately 120 who have undergone testing. center_img Both SEC schools were allowed to begin a phased return of student-athletes last week and both are planning to start fall semester in August. ___The College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta plans to reopen July 1 with a new exhibit featuring historically black colleges and universities.The museum closed in mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic. The reopening was delayed after the facility sustained damage in riots that erupted the night of May 29 over the death of George Floyd. The glass facade was shattered and merchandise was stolen from the street-front gift shop, but no exhibits or artifacts were damaged.The new HBCU exhibit will focus on their history, traditions and Hall of Fame players and coaches. There will also be a special section dedicated to Georgia’s HBCUs, the Celebration Bowl and kick-off games between the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and Southwestern Athletic Conference. The museum is also planning a second exhibit that will open next year during black history month. The Russian anti-doping agency says it is resuming the testing of athletes after a break of nearly three months because of the coronavirus pandemic.The agency says its staff has been equipped with protective equipment and will have to test negative for the virus before working with any athletes.It has also offered athletes advice on how to register their status if they have to isolate themselves because they have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.The agency initially suspended testing on March 27 for one week but that was extended because of Russian government measures to prevent the spread of the virus.___ The Derby was postponed from May 2 to Sept. 5 because of COVID-19 concerns, the first time since 1945 it didn’t run on the first Saturday in May. Kentucky will play its eighth Thursday night game in modern times and first since hosting Auburn on Oct. 15, 2015.___Kentucky has screened football players for COVID-19 but so far hasn’t specified how many of the 90 players back have been cleared to practice. Vanderbilt athletics is currently in the first stage of its return and football is the only sport back on campus. The team may conduct voluntary workouts this month, and activities will increase during the summer as long as university guidelines allow. The school’s plan says football is aiming to begin preseason practice in early August. Malone says the team doctor called up and said “you tested positive.”Malone adds that he likes to say “I got coronavirus and I kicked its butt.”His squad was in third place in the Western Conference when the season was halted. The league is working on completing the health and safety protocols for a restart at the Disney campus near Orlando, Florida.Malone says “I hope that going down to Orlando will be in a safe environment and we can limit the amount of people that actually get it.”___ More AP sports: and read more

Obesity summit brings leaders to USC campus

first_imgFive USC schools and prominent members of the health community attended the eighth-annual obesity summit Friday at Town and Gown, where speakers and workshops focused on the growing problem of childhood obesity.Eating right · Chef Robert Edwards gives a healthy cooking demonstration to Congresswoman Grace Napolitano at the childhood obesity summit Friday. The summit focused on research and creating policies to solve the issue of childhood weight problems. – James Watson | Daily Trojan Part of the first National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, the summit attempted to lay the groundwork for future policies, and focused on mapping out the issue and discussing solutions.“Obesity is not just a problem for the child who gets picked on at school or doesn’t get picked on the playground,” USC President C.L. Max Nikias said. “There is a cost for all of us.”Nikias opened the summit by thanking various officials who came from different parts of the country.“I am convinced that together we can make sure the childhood obesity crisis of today is only a memory tomorrow,” Nikias said. “I feel privileged to be holding this literal ‘meeting of the minds’ here on campus.”The nearly 350 people in attendance, including six congressional members, was more than expected, according to administrators who organized the event.“It was a pretty amazing production, not only from standpoint of how it was done but by the attendance,” said Eddie North-Hager, a representative from USC Media Relations.When the Congressional Hispanic, Black and Asian Pacific American Caucuses, or tri-caucus, asked USC to host the event, North-Hager said the university jumped at the chance.Jennifer Grodksy, executive director of the USC Office of Federal Relations, said she believes the university was asked because of its place in the community.“We are known as a leader in healthcare, and because of our location … We’re a target population and because of all our civic engagement,” she said.The event also featured healthy cooking demonstrations with chefs and touched upon the need for future obesity research.“Twenty-six percent of Americans are obese and we have no good data on type 2 diabetes,” said Dr. Kenneth Moritsugu of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute.The summit, however, is not the first effort by USC to temper  the increase of childhood obesity.Innovative projects are sprouting in an attempt to tackle the issue. A program called KNOWME, through the Viterbi School of Engineering, uses a mobile device to track a child’s activity level, sending text messages to a participant’s phone about his obesity-related behavior.“While we have many experts focusing on this problem, we cannot solve it alone. All of us must work together. We must combine our efforts. We must pool our resources,” Nikias said. An empowerment camp called Minority Youth Leaders in Action was held at USC in August. Led by USC’s Rossier School of Education, it encouraged teenagers at risk for obesity to increase their healthy options.“I think they’re trying to translate hard science into intervention that would work in the community,” said Janet Schneiderman, an assistant professor of social work. “This is the epicenter of obesity in L.A., South Central, so we have a very good possibility of making a difference in this particular community.” Keynote speaker Audrey Howe pointed out that hunger and obesity are two sides to the same coin. “They are both fueled by a lack of nutrition,” Howe said.The consequences of obesity range from diabetes to asthma to emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety and a lower self-esteem, Nikias said.One in every three American children are overweight or obese, and particular ethnic groups and regions are more severely impacted, according to White House reports.“It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that this problem will get worse unless we do something to make it better,” Nikias said.last_img read more